Sims 3 Guide: Best Ways to Level the Athletics Skill

The Fit Life

Leveling Athletics also helps in some Sim careers, such as the military track

Staying healthy and athletic can be challenging for any Sim. Sims have many demands on their time. They must go to work, they must socialize, and they must attend to their family members who depend on them. Squeezing in time for exercise in this hectic schedule can be a challenge.

Even so, it is crucial for every Sim to stay in shape. Many Sims will find that the athletics skill relates directly to their job performance. Good health can also have an effect on a Sim’s happiness, as exercising offers many positive moodlets, and gives a Sim a rewarding hobby to keep the Sim in high spirits. There is some indication it even helps Sims live longer. The tips in this guide make it easy for even the busiest Sim to stay in shape and enjoy the associated rewards.

Jog Everywhere!

By default, a Sim will use either their car or a taxi to get where they need to go. This is a pretty quick way of scooting around town, but it offers no extra benefits. It simply allows a Sim to arrive at their destination.

Choosing to jog to a location allows a Sim to arrive at their location and also improve their health. Jogging does take more time than driving, but the time penalty is not that extreme. This is particularly true on short trips, as it often takes a Sim more time to walk to their car than jog a few blocks down the road. Jogging is extremely effective with Sims who love the outdoors, as they will gain their positive moodlet from being outside.

Using the Don’t Break a Sweat option also allows a Sim to jog to their destination without worrying about taking a big hit on hygiene, allowing a Sim to jog to work and back without smelling like a pig when they arrive. Alternatively, the Quick Burst option will allow a Sim to gain more benefit from jogging the same distance.

Hit the Gym

The Gym is a great place for Sims to exercise and socialize for free

The Sims have it good. While Gym memberships are costly in the real world, the towns in The Sims 3 have a gym available free of charge. Use it! The Gym does take some time to get to, but the Gym combines two things every Sim should have – exercise and social content. Gyms are one of the busiest public spaces in the game. Take advantage of that fact. The Gym is a great place for a young Sim to chat up a future girlfriend or boyfriend.

Get Pumped

At level three in the Athletics skill a Sim gains the ability to earn the Pumped moodlet. This moodlet happens during exercise and represents the positive feeling a Sim gains from successfully training their body and exceeding their limits.

Once the Pumped moodlet is available, use it! The Pumped moodlet allows a Sim to exercise and feel extremely good about having done so. Once this moodlet is available, exercising becomes a very reliable way of raising the mood of an unhappy Sim. Being Pumped can also override the negative effects of moodlets which occur because a Sim is tired. Keep in mind, though, that the Sim will still need to sleep at some point.

Couch Star

Last, but not least, it is important to remember that the TV can be a decent way of getting in shape. A Sim can use the TV’s exercise channel to exercise in their own home, which is effective because the Sim does not have to go anywhere to work out. Even Sims with the most packed schedules should be able to exercise an hour or two in front of the TV. Sims who are bad at socializing, or who don’t want to socialize, are probably most at home when exercising in this setting. Eventually, Athletes gain the Training interaction, which allows them to train people in their house on a piece of exercise equipment, allowing them to get healthy and improve their relationship at the same time.