Sims 3 Guides: The Ultimate Guide to Death in the Sims 3

Sims 3 Guides: The Ultimate Guide to Death in the Sims 3
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Death and ghosts in the Sims 3 are incredibly popular components of the game. There are fewer ways to die in the Sims 3, but death seems to happen more often than it did in the Sims 2. This Sims 3 death guide will cover all of the important information regarding ghosts and death in the Sims 3.


Old age is a eventual cause of death in the Sims 3. This is the only natural cause of death. Players will determine their Sims' lifespan by using the options menu. Once a Sim reaches elder, they will not immediately die. They may remain an elder for weeks or days, but they will randomly die.


Sims 3 Death and Ghosts Guide Drowning EA Games

Sims can drown and die in swimming pools in the Sims 3. This cause of death is not very common, but will occur if a Sim decides to swim when their energy is extremely low.


Sims 3 Death and Ghosts Guide Electrocution

Sims like to think they are natural electricians, but most are not. Sims can die due to electrocution when the repairs they are trying to make on an electronic object fails. However, most Sims will not die the first time they are shocked, but if they get shocked a second time, there is a good chance they will die. If a Sim has a high handiness level, they are unlikely to be electrocuted. The more expensive the item, the better chance they will die from electrocution.


Sims 3 Death and Ghosts Guide Fire

Fire is a very common killer of Sims. It can strike without warning and kill more than one Sim at a time. Sims with a low cooking level are more likely to start a fire when cooking. Sims who decide to be heroic and put out fires have a chance of getting caught in the blaze and dying. To prevent Sims from dying in a fire, make sure their cooking level is high and call the fire department to put out a fire if one occurs.


Sims 3 Death and Ghosts Guide Starvation

Sims who do not eat will eventually die of starvation. This cause of death is rare and it typically takes a Sim 48 hours of starvation to die. Hungry Sims will naturally head to the fridge for a snack, so the only real way for them to die of starvation is if the player intends for them to starve.

The Grim Reaper

Sims 3 Death and Ghosts Guide Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper show up when a Sim dies on a lot to harvest their soul. When he comes, the Sims' spirit will leap into a gravestone or urn and their body will disappear. Sometimes the Grim Reaper won’t leave right away and may do things such as use the virtual reality goggles.

Death Flower

Sims 3 Death and Ghosts Guide Death Flower

The death flower protects a Sim from death. If a Sim has a death flower in their inventory, the Grim Reaper will let the Sim live and take the death flower instead. The only death this will not prevent Sims from is old age. When the death flower is combined with ambrosia, a Sim can become immortal without having to disable aging.

Preventing Death

There are several different ways to prevent death in the Sims 3:

  • Eating a life fruit, when aging is enabled, to add an additional day of life.
  • Having the loser trait will make the Grim Reaper resurrect a Sim the first time they die.
  • Eating Ambrosia will reset a Sims days until aging.
  • Sims with the Hydrophobic trait are less likely to drown.
  • Keeping a death blossom in a Sim’s inventory.
  • Sims with the Handy trait are less likely to be electrocuted.
  • Sims with the Brave trait are less likely to burn to death.
  • Sims with the Vegetarian trait will have some extra days added to their lifetime.
  • Sims with the Daredevil trait are less likely to burn to death.
  • Sims with the Natural Cook trait a less likely to burn to death.

Ghosts and death in the Sims 3 are incredibly popular parts of the game. In the Sims 3, players can do more with ghosts, such as interacting and resurrecting them from the dead. This Sims 3 ghosts guide will cover all of the important information on ghosts in the Sims 3.


Sims 3 Death and Ghosts Guide Resurrecting Ghosts

In the Sims 3, ghosts can be resurrected to become playable Sims, but they will not be fully living, instead they will be playable ghosts. They are resurrected through the Science Lab opportunity so those wishing to resurrect their Sims with this opportunity should be sure to keep their opportunities section clear. To resurrect a ghost Sim at the Science Lab, players will need to bring the gravestone or urn of the deceased to the lab. Married Sims will not be married after they are resurrected so if players wish for their newly resurrected Sim to be married to their former spouse they will have to have them propose again.

To fully resurrect a Sim so that they are fully alive, players will have to have their Sim eat Ambrosia. Once Ambrosia has been prepared, a living Sim can place it on a table so that the dead Sim will see it and eat it at night. Once a dead Sim consumes the Ambrosia, they will be fully restored to a live Sim. Their age bar will also revert back to zero, but they will remain in the same life stage. For example, an elder will still be an elder, but they will be in their first day of elderhood.


Sims 3 Death and Ghosts Guide Ambrosia

In order for a Sim to create Ambrosia they will need several things. They will need a cooking skill of 10, the recipe which can be learned from watching TV or purchased at the bookstore for 12,000 Simoleons, life fruit, and a death fish. To obtain life fruit, the Sim must grow it, and to grow it they must have a gardening skill of 10. To obtain a death fish, Sims must have a fishing skill of 10, and they must fish at the graveyard pond between 11:00pm and 5:00am. In some cases, a Sim’s skin color will not be right when they are brought back to life with ambrosia. To prevent this from happening, or fix it if it does, save the game before having the Sim eat Ambrosia. If their skin is the wrong color, simply reload the saved game and have them try to eat the Ambrosia again until their skin color is right.

Playable Ghosts

Sims 3 Death and Ghosts Guide Sleeping White Ghost

Playable ghosts can be controlled by players. They function similar to how the zombies and vampires functioned in the Sims 2. They will have the same basic needs as a living Sim, but their sounds are different, the skinning is different, and they will occasionally be scared of certain trait types. Ghost babies can be born when a living female Sim gets a male ghost Sim to “Try for Baby” with her. When this occurs, there is a 50/50 chance that the female Sim will have a ghost baby. Ghost babies are just like regular babies, with the exception that they are ghosts, and need to be fed, taught, loved, changed, bathed, etc. If a player decides they no longer wish to have a playable ghost they can banish them back to the Netherworld by going into their inventory and clicking on the tombstone or urn. However, the ghosts will always come back eventually.

Ghost Actions

Sims 3 Death and Ghosts Guide Ghost Doing Silly Thing

Between 11:00pm and 6:00am, Sim ghosts will come out of their graves and haunt. When they are haunting, they will act the town NPC’s. Live Sims will be able to interact with them the way they are able to interact with NPC’s. Live Sims can talk to them, invite them in, form and repair relationships with them etc. The only thing ghost Sims do that may aggravate living Sims is temporarily render an object useless when they possess it.

Creating a Yellow Ghost

Sims 3 Death and Ghosts Guide Yellow Electrocution Ghost

A yellow ghost occurs when a Sim dies from electrocution. To create a yellow ghost, a player can force their Sim to be electrocuted to death. To do this, make sure the Sim has a low handiness level and purchase an expensive piece of electronic equipment. Have a Sim with the Technophobe trait break the expensive electronic. Now, create a scenario in which a room is filled with water and put the electronic in that room. Have the Sim go in the water-filled room to repair the broken electronic and after a little while the Sim will get shocked. Force them to continue working on it and they will get electrocuted the second time they shocked.

Creating Red/Orange Ghosts

Sims 3 Death and Ghosts Guide Red Ghost

Ghosts that are red or orange were killed by fire. To create a red/orange ghost, you must kill them with fire. First, build a small room and put a fireplace inside it. Place several rugs around the fire place and make the Sim enter the room. Trap the Sim in the room by deleting the door and get a fire started in the fireplace. The room will eventually go up in flames with the Sim trapped inside, resulting in the Sim becoming a red/orange ghost.

Creating Pink/Purple Ghosts

Sims 3 Death and Ghosts Guide Purple Ghost

Ghosts that are pink/purple were killed because they starved. It can be a long and tedious process to starve a Sim so using a cheat code will make it much quicker. Turn on the cheat code by entering testingcheatsenabled true and then hold down the shift key while dragging the Sim’s hunger meter as far to the left as possible, resulting in the Sim dying of starvation.

Creating Blue Ghosts

Sims 3 Death and Ghosts Guide Blue Ghost

Ghosts that are blue were killed because they drowned. It is hard to make a Sim drown without creating an unusual situation. First, build a small pool that measures three tiles wide by three tiles long. Make the Sim go in and swim. Now, build a wall that surrounds the entire pool so they cannot get out. If you only remove the ladder they will just hop right out so a wall is necessary. Now, you can just wait for them to wear out, or you can turn on a cheat code by entering testingcheatsenabled true and manually lower their energy bar until it’s as low as it can go, resulting in the Sim drowning.

Creating White Ghosts

Sims 3 Death and Ghosts Guide Old Age Ghost

Ghosts that are white died of old age. The fastest way to create a white ghost is to turn on the cheat code by entering testingcheatsenabled true. Now, hold down the SHIFT key while left clicking on the Sim you wish to kill and choose “Trigger Age Transition”. This will result in the Sim dying of old age and becoming a white ghost.