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How to Raise Your Teens in The Sims 3

by: R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

In the Sims 3 teens are tough to parent. This Sims 3 parenting guide will share tips and tricks to raise better teens.

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    In the Sims 3, teens have more free will and have several options available to them. Parenting teens in the Sims 3 is tricky and even the best of parents are sure to feel the stress from time to time. Learning how to help teen Sims cope with this stage of their life and all that it includes will help make parenting teens in the Sims 3 a smoother and much more enjoyable process.

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    High School

    Sims 3 Parenting Guide for Teens - School Bus Parenting teens in the Sims 3 means making sure all teens get up and off to high school everyday. High school starts at 9:00am and ends at 2:00pm every weekday. The bus will arrive at 8:00am. Parents need to make sure that their teens hygiene and bladder are high and that they are not hungry before sending them off to school. They must also make sure that their teen attends school every day and that they go to school in a good mood. A good mood will help them maintain good grades, make friends, and maintain these friendships.

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    Sims 3 Parenting Guide for Teens - Homework Teens must fully complete their homework every night to maintain good grades in school. Teens must keep their grades up to have the chance to select their trait when they transition to young adults. Parents can help their teens complete their homework and they can also tutor them. Parents that are logical will be able to help tutor their teens the best. If there is more than one teen in a household, they can complete their homework together to get it done faster. Just make sure the teens do not cheat because if they do and are caught they will get a detention.

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    Learning New Skills

    Sims 3 Parenting Guide for Teens - Guitar The teen years are quite long making it the perfect time to develop new skills. Teens are also able to do everything adults can do in the Sims 3 so this makes it easier to develop any skills they wish. If a lifetime wish hasn't been chosen, have teens develop the skills that will steer them toward a specific lifetime wish. For example, if players want their teen to be a chef, develop their cooking skills. If players want their teens to go into science when they are adults, develop their logic skills. Teens can also make money when they use their skills. For example, if a teen is a skilled musician, they can play guitar in the park and get tips.

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    Though ensuring teens get a good education and learn plenty of new skills is a very important part of parenting teens in the Sims 3, parents also need to help their teens find their independence. Encouraging them to get a part-time job and drive are two ways to do this. Parents will also need to be there to help their kids get through their first love and help them create lasting friendships.

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    Teen Romance

    Sims 3 Parenting Guide for Teens - Romance Sims 3 Parenting Guide for Teens - Romance 2 Teens in the Sims 3 can develop budding romances and can do everything up to making out. In the Sims 3, teens cannot WooHoo. Teens will only be able to date other teens, and not young adults or adults. Teens can go out on dates, have their boyfriend or girlfriend over at their house, hang out at the beach or park, etc. Teens can fall in love, and if they choose, they can date more than one teen Sim. Parenting teens in the Sims 3 means making sure teens are responsible in their dating habits.

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    Sims 3 Parenting Teens Guide - Teens The teen years are the best time to start forging friendships that will last a lifetime. By developing a lot of friendships during the teen years, Sims will begin adulthood with a wide selection and variety of friends. Part of parenting teens in the Sims 3 means helping teens develop and maintain the right friendships and helping teens decide which friends may be toxic now and in the future.

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    Part-Time Jobs

    Sims 3 Parenting Guide for Teens - Bookstore Job In the Sims 3, teens can have part-time jobs. Teen jobs only require teens to work a few hours a week and they don't pay very much. However, they can help teens meet new friends, make a little money, and develop new skills. A part-time job can also be beneficial in helping to fulfill wishes. Level three jobs (the top level) will pay between $80.00 and $88.00 an hour and they will work three hours a day. Teens with part-time jobs will work five days a week after school. Teens can apply and work at the mausoleum, the supermarket, the bookstore, and the spa.

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    Sims 3 Parenting Guide for Teens - Cars ModtheSims In the Sims 3, teens can drive. They also have an extended curfew and can be out until 11:00pm. If teens are caught cruising around after 11:00pm, they will be brought home by the police. When this occurs they will also argue with their parents for a little bit, but teens will get a mood boost by staying out late. If parents bought a car for their teen, they should give them ownership so that the teen only drives the car that was bought for them.