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Sims 3 Guide to Athletics

by: R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

This Sims 3 guide to athletics will provide players with all of the information they need to help their Sims achieve the highest level of athletic ability.

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    What is Athletics in the Sims 3?

    With athletics in the Sims 3, Sims can have healthier, longer lives. This skill is most useful in the military, sports, and criminal career tracks. Those who have the Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack will be able to use their Sims' athletic skills to pursue a new skill: the martial arts skill. Athletic Sims will also be able to walk through town faster so that they can get where they are going quicker and easier.

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    How to Raise Athletics' Skill in the Sims 3

    Sims 3 Guide to Athletics - treadmill carlsims Sims 3 Guide to Athletics - swimming ea games Working out in the town gym is the best and fastest way to raise the athletic skill. When at the gym, they will raise this skill faster because they will enjoy the pleasant environment. There is a variety of activities that Sims' can perform to increase and improve their athletic skill and abilities.

    Swimming: Sims can swim for free in neighborhood pools or they can put out some money and install a pool in their own backyard. There is only a small chance of drowning, but athletic Sims should not have to worry about this at all. Swimming is also fun for Sims.

    Stereo or Television: These two items allow Sims to raise their athletic skill by using items they already have in their home. Both items provide the same workout in the Sims 3. The workout includes squats, jumping jacks, and side to side stretching. Though Sims can do the cardio challenge with these items, it is not recommended, because it will not add to the stat tracker of the marathon runner challenge. If they want to go for this challenge, they should go for a jog or use the treadmill because these activities will add to that challenge's stat tracker.

    Treadmills: To increase athletics in the Sims 3, the treadmill is a solid choice. Sims can head to the town gym and use the treadmills there or they can purchase a treadmill for their home. They can be purchased in buy mode in the study tab under indoor activities. Treadmills will add to two athletic challenges' stats: the fitness nut challenge and the marathon runner challenge.

    Exercise Machines: Sims can head to the town gym and use the exercise machines for free or they can purchase them for their home. They can be purchased in buy mode in the study tab under indoor activities. However, Sims will enjoy boosting their athletic skill faster by using exercise machines at the gym. It is recommended to primarily use these at the gym and then, if the Sim can afford it, have one in the home for Sims when they want to exercise really early or really late in the day. Exercise machines will help Sims work toward achieving the body builder challenge by lifting weights.

    Jogging: In the Sims 3, players can actually join their Sims on a jog, unlike in the Sims 2 where they just disappeared and eventually came home. In the Sims 3, Sims need to achieve the first level of athletics skill before they can go for a jog. Sims can jog through town or they can head to the park and jog amongst nature. Jogging through the park, and through some areas of town, will also be visually appealing for Sims. This athletic skills will help Sims work towards achieving the fitness nut and marathon runner challenges.

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    Abilities Gained Through Athletics

    Sims 3 Guide to Athletics - jogging ea games Increasing athletic skills in the Sims 3 provides Sims with several different perks. These are not training styles (athletic styles are discussed below). These abilities include:

    Jogging: Jogging is a type of exercise, but Sims must first achieve this ability through increasing their athletic abilities and learning it. Jogging is free and can provide a great workout for Sims. Sims who love the outdoors will often enjoy jogging late in the evening as the sky is changing just before dawn. Jogging also allows Sims to progress toward two different athletic challenges: marathon runner and fitness nut.

    Pumped!: Pumped is a moodlet that Sims can gain after exercising. Sims must be a level three athlete to enjoy this perk.

    Run Faster: Training hard and regularly can help a Sim eventually run faster. Sims must be a level five athlete to enjoy this perk.

    Train Others: In the Sims 3, Sims can help to get their family and friends in shape as well by helping them learn to exercise and increase their athletic abilities. To train others, simply invite them to the town gym, click on an exercise machine, and provide them with a training lesson.

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    Athletic Styles Used by Sims When Exercising

    Sims 3 Guide to Athletics - exercise machine ea games As Sims achieve higher athletic levels, they unlock new training styles that they can use when they exercise. These athletic styles can be used to train harder, longer, or faster. To choose an achieved athletic style choose the exercise drop down box in a Sims' action queue. The athletic styles in the Sims 3 include:

    Don't Break a Sweat: Once a Sim has learned the athletic skill, they gain the don't break a sweat style. This Sims 3 athletic style is used to help Sims not become sweaty as they exercise. This style is most useful when working out before work because Sims will not get all sweaty and messy.

    Good Pace: This athletic style allows Sims to endure long workouts without getting tired. They will get the most out of a really long workout before they become fatigued. Sims will gain this style once they reach athletic level three.

    Push Yourself: This style of exercise will allow Sims to complete the work out for ten hours wish that will eventually pop up for athletic Sims. This style will help to boost the rate at which a Sims athletic skills grow and will allow them to train and exercise for longer periods of time. It will allow Sims to get a fantastic workout, but they do tend to become more sore. Sims will gain this style once they reach athletic level five.

    Quick Burst: This athletic style will allow Sims to get a very quick athletic skill boost, but they will only be able to workout for a short period of time. Sims will also become very messy and sweaty when using this skill. Sims will gain this style once they reach athletic level seven.

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    Athletics' Opportunities

    Sims 3 Guide to Athletics - stadium ea games There are several different Sims 3 athletic opportunities. Most involve a set period of time quick burst or a certain type of workout involving a trainer. Sims will increase their athletic level as they complete them and none of the Sims 3 athletic challenges are very difficult to complete. Sims will gain a boost in skill for all and money for some. It is highly recommended to complete all of them. These athletic opportunities include:

    1.) Add It Up 2.) The Complete Circuit 3.) No Sweat! 4.) Jog Everywhere