A Gamer's Guide to Charisma in the Sims 3

A Gamer's Guide to Charisma in the Sims 3
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What is Charisma in the Sims 3?

In the Sims 3, charisma is a socializing skill. As a Sims increases their charisma, they will find it easier to make friends and keep them longer. This skill can help a Sim advance in some careers too. If making friends isn’t very appealing this skill also offers the ability to make some extra cash by completing certain opportunities. Sims pursuing the charisma skill will also have wishes and when they fulfill them they will add lifetime happiness points.

Charisma and Careers

Charisma in the Sims 3 can be beneficial when it comes to building certain careers. The musician career track and the political career track benefit greatly from a high level of charisma. Any job in which a boss or co-workers play a role in promotion will benefit from an advanced charisma skill. Sims can use their skill to make friends with co-workers by inviting them over for parties and barbeques. Once making friends with co-workers is accomplished, Sims can concentrate on other factors of job performance, leading to getting promoted faster.

Using Charisma To a Sims’ Advantage

Having a high charisma skill can help Sims’ learn what other Sims’ traits are by simply talking to them. This is especially beneficial when a Sim is trying to find a significant other. Use the get to know social skill and a Sim will begin a conversation with another Sim and learn their traits in the process. This can be particularly useful when wanting to know what a Sims’ favorite music is, so it can be played during a date or at a party, or when wanting to know what a Sims’ favorite food is so it can be cooked during a date or for a party.

Learning Charisma

There is a variety of ways to increase the charisma skill in the Sims 3 making it a fun skill to work on. The charismatic trait is a must if a Sim wishes to become a master of charisma because it will make this trait much easier to learn. Other traits also help those wishing to master this skill and will be discussed later in this Sims 3 charisma guide. There are three ways to learn and master the charisma skill: reading a book, talking to mirrors, and talking to other Sims.

Read a Book: Reading a book about charisma is the fastest way to increase this skill. The charisma book can be purchased at the book store or a Sim can head to the library and read it there. Reading it at the library is free and will allow Sims to increase this skill faster because they will get the power study moodlet by studying at the library. Buying the book will make it available at home, but it costs money so unless a Sim has some extra cash it is best to read this book at the library unless buying the book is a wish. If a Sim has the bookworm trait, they will increase their charisma skill by reading a book even faster.

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Talking to Mirrors: Like in the Sims 2, the charisma skill in the Sims 3 can be raised by talking to a mirror. The cost of the mirror does not matter and more expensive mirrors will not raise this skill any faster. This will raise this skill about as quickly as chatting with another Sim so in the end, this is the least beneficial way to learn charisma.

Talking to Other Sims: Not only will talking to other Sims increase a Sim’s charisma skill, but it will also help them keep up with the charisma skill friend requirements. If your Sim wants a Sim around to chat with all day, prepare a nice breakfast and invite them over. After breakfast, spend some time watching television and chatting together. This will keep them together, and talking, for most of the day so your Sim can raise their charisma skill.

Good Traits for Charisma

Certain traits will help Sims raise their charisma quicker and easier. These include:

Charismatic: An obvious choice that is beneficial in several ways. It will help Sims raise their charisma skill faster, they will not cause negative reactions very often, and they will be less boring in conversation. Choosing this trait also starts them out with the charisma skill book that they should study to get to skill level 3 faster. When a Sim has a successful and positive social interaction, their friendship bar will rise quicker.

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Flirty: This trait is beneficial for Sims who want to find lovers in addition to making friends. However, if a Sim isn’t seeking many romantic relationships, this trait won’t help them much with the charisma skill. The Flirty skill will also make them naturally better at giving massages, will decrease the time it takes for flirting to be successful, and will make it so that Sims do not fail as often in flirting.

Friendly: This trait is incredibly beneficial to charisma. It helps make talking with other Sims easier and adds a little extra increase to these and other friendly interactions. This trait also helps them avoid some negative conversations, getting upset with Sims who repeat themselves, and they will generally be nicer in free will mode. Sims will be less likely to bore others and will be able to mix up their conversations better, and they will notice many more social interactions coming up under the Special category.

Good: This trait makes Sims friendlier to other Sims making it a great charisma trait, as well as a great trait for Sims who will spend a lot of time living autonomously. This trait ensures that they are nice to other Sims when they talk and helps to ensure other Sims will like them. They will also not get upset when another Sim says something mean or wrong. This trait also gives Sims a special comforted moodlet which helps to boost the moods of other Sims.

Good Sense of Humor: This trait is especially useful for Sims going for the comedian charisma challenge and it helps them gain friends. It will help to make a Sims’ jokes better and provides them with several joke interactions to use. The comedian challenge requires Sims to tell 100 jokes, so those pursuing this challenge should choose this trait and get started telling jokes as soon as possible.

Schmoozer: Sims with this trait are people pleasers. This trait helps them compliment others and kiss butt at work. Sims will gain flatter interactions and praise and their compliments won’t fail. It also helps them make friends.

Charisma Skill Levels

One of the difficulties with this skill is that Sims must obtain and maintain a minimum amount of friends at each level in order to increase this skill. Until a Sim can fulfill the relationship and friend requirement, the skill will be capped out.

Talking for Friends: There are several ways to tackle this issue. The best way to gain a friend or two, which is necessary to increase this skill, is for the Sim to use their cell phone, call a Sim or two, and then invite them over.

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Parties: If your Sim enjoys parties, throw a party and invite several Sims. During the party be sure to talk to all Sims that attend the party. To throw a party, use the cell phone and choose the throw a party option, then choose the party type. Your Sim can invite any Sim he or she knows to the party. Your Sim will also choose the party’s start time. It is a good idea to throw parties on weekends, particularly Saturday afternoons because most Sims are not working on this day and all Sims do not have school on Saturdays. It is best to start small and invite no more than ten Sims to the first one or two parties so that your Sim can get used to entertaining large crowds. All parties should have food (purchasing and stocking a buffet table or two is a great option) and entertainment, such as music, sports balls, and a playground and pool (for Sims who can afford such items).

Playing Guitar: Playing guitar is a quick and effective way to make several friends at once. Have your Sim grab their guitar and head to the park and play some tunes. If they are good, many Sims will gather around them so your Sim will not even have to put forth much effort to make many new friends.

When at Work: Sims can make friends at work with their co-workers and boss. This will help to increase charisma, fulfill relationship requirements, and can benefit a Sims’ career. To have a Sim meet and chat with their co-workers, while at work, use the suck up to boss option.

Charisma Challenges

There are five charisma challenges in the Sims 3. Each challenge will help them make friends and maintain those friendships.

Celebrity: This challenge is immensely helpful in helping Sims make friends. Once this challenge is completed, the relationship bar will move a lot more. Sims will need to meet and make relationships with 25 Sims to complete this challenge. Playing guitar well and playing in the park is a great, and relatively easy, way to do this.

Personable: Sims will have to figure out fifty traits from any other Sims to complete this challenge. Once complete, Sims will be able to learn another Sims’ trait easier and quicker. To complete the challenge, Sims should have friendly conversations with other Sims. If a Sim has the 5000 happiness point observant reward and the personable trait, they will be able to meet a Sim and learn all of their traits. Sims can also learn other Sims’ traits when talking to them on the computer.

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Super Friendly: To complete this challenge, Sims will need to befriend 20 Sims. Once this challenge is complete a Sims’ friendships will never decay. This super popular lifetime wish is the same as this challenge so completing it gives a Sim a double benefit.

Everybody’s Best Friend: To complete this challenge, Sims will need to have at least ten best friends. Once complete, Sims will become best friends with all Sims they want to be best friends with and will skip the good friends stage. Add this to completing the super friendly challenge, and Sims will keep their best friends forever.

Comedian: To complete this challenge a Sim must tell 100 jokes. Once they complete this challenge almost every joke they tell will be successful and they will gain and strengthen relationships quicker and easier. A Sim who completes this challenge and has the good sense of humor trait will have top notch comedic abilities.