A Gamer’s Guide to Handiness in the Sims 3

This Sims 3 guide to handiness will discuss everything a Sims needs to know about this skill. This includes what can be accomplished using this skill, opportunities that can be completed with this skill, and how to raise this skill quicker and easier. This skill can be especially fun and useful for Sims who enjoy being handy.

What is Handiness in the Sims 3?

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Handiness in the Sims 3 replaces the mechanical skill from the Sims 2. With this skill, Sims will be able to repair their own appliances, plumbing, and electronics, which can save a lot of money because these seem to always need fixing in the Sims 3. It will also provide them with several opportunities to improve the electronics and appliances in their home, as well as make some extra money. Having a high level in this skill can also help Sims avoid being electrocuted when working on electronics.

Necessary Traits

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The handy trait is the only trait directly associated with handiness. It helps to increase just about all elements of this skill. Sims with this trait will raise this skill faster, and be able to fix their own electronics, appliances, and plumbing. When these items are fixed by a really handy Sim, they are also less likely to break again. Choosing this trait also allows Sims to start with a handiness book to study.

Raising Handiness

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When Sims first begin raising this skill they will only be able to tinker. They should start right away with reading the first handiness book and then move onto to the other two as they are able. Once a Sim has completed the third book, they will be a level ten in this skill. They can purchase all three of them at the bookstore or they can head to the library to study them. They can also head to the military base and take classes to raise this skill. Tinkering and repairing broken objects also helps to raise this skill.


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There are not many opportunities associated with this skill, but Sims can make some extra cash if they are handy. They can choose to fix a neighbor’s broken appliance, electronics, or plumbing, or they can teach a class on repairing items.


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Upgrades that Sims can perform will be gradually unlocked as a Sim raises their handiness skill.

Level 3 Upgrades:

Changing the doorbell will allow a Sim to be able to choose one of many other sounds.

Improve speakers should be used on stereos and will add plus ten to the music moodlet.

Self-cleaning will allow all objects, except counters, to become self-cleaning.

Silent running will make the cheapest dish washer quiet.

Level 4 Upgrades:

Auto water results in the sprinklers turning on automatically.

Fireproof results in stoves never catching fire. This is also a level 6 for fireplaces never catching fire.

Level 5 Upgrades:

Improved pressing, only available with World Adventures, will result in one additional bottle of nectar being produced during the nectaration process.

Level 6 Upgrades:

Improved crushing results in trash compactors holding more trash.

Unbreakable results in objects never breaking again. Best if only used by those with a handiness level ten, though

Level 7 Upgrades:

Auto light results in the fireplace automatically turning on when the Sims enters the room.

Boost channels results in a Sim getting more television channels.

Faster cooking results in a Sims’ microwave cooking food quicker.

Improve meal quality results in better quality meals made in the oven.

Perfect teleportation results in the teleporter lifetime reward having a 100 percent success rate.

Always good fortune, only available with World Adventures, makes sure that all fortunes given by the fortune cookie machine from China, good fortunes.

Level 8 Upgrades:

Improved graphics results in a Sim having more fun when playing computer games.

Wire house with speakers allows Sims to be in any room of their home and obtain the enjoying music moodlet.

Level 9 Upgrades:

Change fire color results in Sims being able to change the color of the flame in the fireplace.

Improve memory results in the food replicator’s memory increasing so that it can store more of a particular type of meals. Ultimately, this will shorten cooking time and the time spent loading this appliance.

Flavor enhancement, only available with Sims 3 World Adventures, improves the flavor of a bottle of nectar by 15 percent.