Sims 3 Painting Skill Guide: Necessary Traits, Raising the Painting Skill, and How to Get Started

Sims 3 Painting Skill Guide: Necessary Traits, Raising the Painting Skill, and How to Get Started
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Sims 3 Painting Skill Guide

Painting in the Sims 3 is a skill that many Sims do not take advantage of. However, Sims should because they can make a lot of money as a painter and once they perfect their painting skills they have the potential to become ultra-rich. Learning the painting skill can also give Sims a fun and creative hobby. Sims who thoroughly read and understand all the components of this Sims 3 painting skill guide are sure to excel as painters.

Necessary Traits

The artistic trait is incredibly beneficial for Sims hoping to excel in the painting skill. With the artistic trait Sims' mood will be up so that they can paint faster.

The perfectionist trait can be very helpful to Sims who are aspiring painters. Because they have the perfectionist trait, they will take longer to create their masterpiece, but once they are done, it will indeed be a masterpiece, or at least quite good.

The over emotional trait will allow Sims to obtain bonuses through obtaining good moodlets.

The handy trait will allow Sims to raise the repair skill. Raising a Sim’s repair skills will indirectly help Sims raise their painting skill in the Sims 3. Just building it up a few notches will be beneficial. This will not directly raise their painting skill, but it will result in less distractions so that Sims can spend more time painting and perfecting their craft. Raising the repair skill can be done by purchasing self-cleaning and/or unbreakable bathroom and kitchen equipment. Sims can also choose to complete the plumber challenge to help ensure their plumbing never breaks again.

The ambitious trait will allow Sims to obtain lifetime happiness points much more rapidly. This happens because they will earn more points by fulfilling wishes.

Loves the Outdoors can be indirectly beneficial. If Sims place their easel outside and paint outside it can help to raise their mood.

Ways to Raise the Painting Skill

Once Sims have some extra cash they need to purchase some decorative items for their home. This will help them obtain the well decorated moodlet. This moodlet will really help Sims' mood become and remain positive. When Sims are in a good mood, they will paint better paintings because they will raise their painting skill faster.

How to Start Out as a Painter in the Sims 3

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Sims should spend every free moment painting. If they do this to create small paintings, they can complete two to three paintings each day. They should aim to complete the proficient painter challenge and brushmaster challenge as soon as they possibly can. Sims who paint several small paintings will unlock brushmaster quicker, which will result in an increase in how quickly they complete paintings and this will later result in the ability to be able to finish two large paintings in a single day. It is important that Sims do not take a day off when they are learning and practicing the painting skill in the Sims 3.

Mastering the Painting Skill in the Sims 3

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The main goal of this Sims 3 painting skill guide is to provide Sims with the necessary information and steps to master the painting skill. To master this skill completing all three of the painting challenges is highly recommended. They will not only paint faster, but the quality of their paintings will be superior. To create absolute masterpieces Sims' need to save up and get the extra creative lifetime reward. Sims' moods also need to be as high as they can possibly get in order to ensure each painting is a true masterpiece. Heading to the day spa can be very effective in doing this. Be sure to choose, and spend the money on, packages aimed at boosting a Sims' mood all week long.

Steel bladder can also help immensely because it will allow Sims to paint and paint and paint without having to stop to use the bathroom. All of these techniques that will help a Sim master the painting skill in the Sims 3 will also help them to earn plenty of money as a painter.

Painting Opportunities

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There are several different opportunities associated with the painting skill, but it is best to focus on the most important, and the most beneficial, ones. Several of these painting opportunities revolve around a Sim having to deliver a painting to another Sim. In some cases, it will be easier for Sims to complete these challenges by inviting the Sim they are supposed to deliver the painting to over their house. Some of these challenges will pay a pretty good amount of money to Sims for delivering paintings.

One opportunity that all painting Sims should take advantage of is the challenge where they paint a fresco. This is a very beneficial challenge because it will increase the value of every painting a Sim paints after completing it. This challenge will also help Sims fulfill some wishes, such as the one in which they want to create a painting that has a value of at least $5,000.00.