The Sims 3 Writing Books: Learn How to Become a Writer in the Sims 3

The Sims 3 Writing Books: Learn How to Become a Writer in the Sims 3
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The Sims 3 - Writing Books

One of the best, and most lucrative Sims 3 skill, is the Sims 3 writing books. Later in the Sims' career, they can expect to earn and cash a steady stream of royalty checks from their writing. This Sims 3 skill is also the most necessary skill for Sims wishing to pursue the journalism career track. Writing can easily become a career in which Sims will make more than enough money to live and spoil themselves. As a bonus, the wishes and opportunities associated with writing books in the Sims 3 are easy to complete.

Getting Started Writing in the Sims 3

In the Sims 3, writing books is a skill that requires very little investment. All Sims need is a computer. They can place this computer on an existing table or desk, and then pull up any old chair. If Sims cannot afford a computer, they can use one at the library to get started and then purchase a home computer once they can afford it. Sims who are serious about building a successful writing career will, however, need a home computer as soon as possible. To begin writing, simply click on a computer and then click write. A list of the novels Sims can write will pop up. More books will pop up as a Sim improves his writing skills.

Learning How to Write in the Sims 3

The best way for a Sim to learn how to write, is to write novels. Sims can also attend a writing class, downtown at the business building. There is also the opportunity to refine writing skills. This isn’t the best option to be used at just any time. However, this is a good choice when a Sim is only a couple levels away from being able to write a certain type of book because it will increase how quickly a Sim learns writing.

How to Make Money Writing Books in the Sims 3

Choosing the right traits and dedicating enough time will allow Sims to make a great living writing books. Money is made through royalty checks and by turning in chapters. Royalty checks will come once a week for a total of six weeks and the money is deposited and available at noon every Sunday. This is automatic and Sims do not need to cash checks or anything.

The difficulty rating of the book determines how much the earnings will be. The harder the book, the longer it is to write, the more money a Sim can make. Sims should aim to write a minimum of four of each book so that once they complete this they have the option to specialize in masterpieces, while still aiming to complete the prolific author challenge.

Writing Specialization in the Sims 3

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The first type of novel that a Sim writes five of will become their writing specialization. A Sims' writing mastery can change, but they would have to more novels of a different novel type in order to change this. For example, if a Sims writes 15 non-fiction novels, they will have to write 16 masterpieces after this in order to change their specialization.

It is sometimes best to just forgo specialization so that a Sim can achieve it with five masterpieces. This isn’t very difficult and in the end, writing masterpieces is far more lucrative due to Sims' royalty checks being a lot higher.

Writing More Efficiently

Efficient writing results in more bestsellers and hits. A Sim who is in a good mood is more efficient, so keep them happy. The ambiance of the room they write in can also have an impact so be sure to decorate the room to suit the Sims' taste and place a stereo in there and tune it to their favorite station.

Also, Sims who read often tend to be in a better mood. The type of novel a Sim writes also matters. Think about the type of novels typically found on bestsellers' lists (yes, in real life) and have your Sim concentrate on those genres far more often.

Good Traits for Writers

In the Sims 3, writing books is a lot easier if Sims are more inclined to enjoying this skill. Writing a difficult and good novel will take time so the Loner trait can be beneficial because your Sim will spend a lot of time alone and Loners enjoy solitude.

Bookworms not only naturally enjoy books, but they also tend to write novels quicker. This trait will also result in a Sim reading more books which can translate into producing more bestsellers and hits.

The Perfectionist trait results in Sims often taking longer to write a novel, but in the end the books they write are typically better. Higher quality books will bring Sims higher royalty checks. Higher royalty checks will balance out the increased time it takes a Sim to write a great book.

The Artistic trait gives Sims a little boost in learning the writing skill and makes learning it a little faster.

Sims will spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer writing away and the Couch Potato trait can help with this. This trait will help them maintain the comfortable moodlet and get a double bonus for it. Buying the most comfortable chair, when affordable, is also beneficial.

The Computer Whiz trait can help because writers will spend a lot of time on the computer. It will also increase their mood when playing games on the computer.

The Hates the Outdoors trait can help because it will make Sims want to spend time indoors. It also helps to prevent them from going a little nuts from not seeing the outside for a long time.

The Hopeless Romantic trait allows romance novel-writing Sims to begin writing this type of novel at level six, instead of at level ten. They also tend to make more money because they write better romance novels.

Sims 3 Writing Opportunities

There are several different opportunities and they tend to come early on if a Sim really hammers the skill. Sims may get opportunities to write a novel worth a specific amount in royalties and write five novels.

Sims 3 Writing Challenges

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Speed Writer will make a Sim complete books quicker. Once a Sim has earned 30,000 Simoleans in royalties, they have accomplished this challenge.

Prolific Author will be done once a Sim writes a minimum of 20 books. Once this is complete, a Sim will write more bestsellers and hits, overall.

Specialist Writer is the last challenge and will be available once a Sim writes five books in a specific genre. It will increase the likelihood a Sim will write bestsellers and hits in that genre.

Sims 3 Writing Lifetime Wishes

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The Illustrious Author wish will maximize a Sims' writing and painting skills. However, since Sims can only have one stream of revenue at a time, it is best to choose either writing or painting, not both.

The Professional Author wish is a wish in which Sims strive to make $4,000.00 per week in royalty payments. Sims who have the bookworm trait can have this wish. Making this amount a money per week, every week is actually not too difficult as a writer in the Sims 3.

The Star News Anchor wish is one in which a journalism career Sim wants to reach level ten in this career.

Types of Books a Sim Can Write

There is a variety of books a Sim can write, including:

  • Article
  • Auto-biography
  • Biography
  • Children’s
  • Drama
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Historical
  • Humor
  • Life Story
  • Masterpiece
  • Mystery
  • Non-fiction
  • Political memoir
  • Report
  • Romance
  • Satire
  • Science Fiction
  • Trashy
  • Vaudeville