Sims 3 Pregnant Information: Can You Have Kids in the Sims 3?

Sims 3 Pregnant Information: Can You Have Kids in the Sims 3?
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Sims 3 - Pregnant?

Becoming a parent and raising children in the Sims 3 is something all Sims' players will do at least once. When creating a Sim family, players have the choice to create two parents, or a single parent, with a toddler already, or they can choose to have an infant. In the Sims 3, pregnancy can be fun and rewarding for Sim families, but they should always take the time to learn what to expect before bringing children into their Sim world.

Sims 3 - Pregnant Using the WooHoo Method

This is the most obvious option and the most common option used by Sim parents who want to raise their children from infancy. Before choosing this method to have a baby, Sims should be sure that they are ready to take care of a child, both emotionally and financially. Maternity leave is available, so single mothers and working mothers can have a baby while still being able to work and financially take care of their child.

For two Sims to want to engage in WooHoo, they have to like each other a lot. When two Sims really like each other and are ready to try and have a baby, the try for baby action must be chosen when two Sims are in bed together relaxing. For a Sim to successfully become pregnant, the relationship bar should be nearly full. There is a fertility treatment lifetime reward available and Sims who are intent on getting pregnant, especially those who want to have more than one child, should choose this. This lifetime reward can also increase the likelihood of a Sim having twins or triplets. A single infant is challenging, but twins and triplets should only be had by experienced parents or else they may find it nearly impossible to properly care for all of the new infants in the house. If both parents take the fertility treatment, the chance of having multiples is even greater.

Another way to increase the chance of a Sim having multiples, is to have the mother read pregnancy books, listen to children’s music on the radio, and watch KidZ Zone TV.

Can a Pregnant Sim Choose the Gender of Her Baby?

Before a Sim is noticeably pregnant, they can eat a certain fruit to help influence the gender of their baby. In the Sims 3, pregnant Sims who wish to have a boy should eat apples. In the Sims 3, pregnant Sims who wish to have a girl should eat watermelons. These fruits can be purchased as the supermarket. The pregnant Sim should consume about ten apples if she wants a boy, or ten watermelons if she wants a girl.

Is My Sim Pregnant?

In some cases, Rock-a-Bye-Baby will play if a Sim becomes pregnant after WooHoo. However, this is not always the case. The best way to know when a Sim is definitely pregnant, is when she begins to run for the bathroom in the morning with morning sickness. If a Sim wants to try and influence the gender of her baby, this is the time to do it.

Sims Who Are Officially and Noticeably Pregnant

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After about one Sim day, the mother Sim will start wearing her maternity clothes and will have a visible baby bump. If a Sim wants to know what the gender of her baby is, she needs to see a Sim on the medical career track that has reached world renowned surgeon status and choose determine gender of baby.

Maternity Leave in Sims 3 - Pregnant

In the Sims 3, pregnant Sims will get maternity leave once she is noticeably pregnant. She will be paid for this maternity leave. This allows the Sim to relax and concentrate on her pregnancy.

Sims 3 Pregnancy - The Third Trimester

At this point in Sims 3 pregnancy, the Sim will be unable to do much. In the Sims 3, pregnant Sims will pretty much just rest and her significant other, other family, and friends will need to help take care of her to ensure the rest of her pregnancy is a healthy and happy one so she can give her soon to be new baby good traits. Once the baby is born, two traits can be selected only if the mother’s mood bar is high due to her needs being met and her stress being low. If her mood bar is not high when she gives birth, she will not be able to choose her infants traits, they will be auto-selected. The traits a baby is given will follow them throughout their life.

Sims 3 Pregnancy - Giving Birth

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In the Sims 3, pregnant Sims can choose to deliver the baby, or babies, at the hospital or they can choose home delivery. Regardless of the method chosen, players will get the select the baby’s name, and traits if mom was happy.

Sims 3 Pregnancy - Custody

When two Sims who do not live together conceive a child, the mother will automatically get custody of the baby. Males who want their baby to live with them will have to talk to the mother and convince her to move in with him and bring the baby.

Sims 3 Pregnancy - Adoption

Sims who do not want to go through pregnancy can choose to adopt a child. This is done by calling the adoption service. Sims will get to choose the age and the gender of the child they want to adopt, but they cannot choose the child’s traits or ethnicity. Once all is done, the social worker will being the child over. Adopted children may need more help because they may not have been taught to walk or talk before they were adopted. Adoptive parent Sims will have to assess what the child has learned and go from there. Whether the child gets good or bad traits in the future will depend on how well their adoptive parents care for them.


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This is the third option for having children. With this option, Sims can choose to create a toddler, child, or a teen. The child’s looks, traits, favorite music, and favorite food can all be chosen. Twins can also be created in Create-a-Sim. Players should, however, consider the financial status of Sims when they are just starting out before deciding whether to create a child during this phase.

Planned Pregnancy

The WooHoo method and adoption are the best methods for having kids in the Sims 3 because Sims can wait until they are emotionally and financially stable before starting their family. Before starting a family, Sims should save up some money, choose a career and move up a bit, learn some skills, have a large enough house to accommodate them, and purchase all necessary childcare items.