Free Sims 3 Objects

Free Sims 3 Objects

As a player of the Sims through the many incarnations, one thing that I have enjoyed more than just the simple game play and the ability to play God – so to speak – is the ability of having unique creations within my game. Since the beginning of the original Sims, other players have been modding objects for a more custom made house or Sim than what the game offered. This is no different in Sims 3. While the ability to create custom content has been stretched beyond the first two games, there are still those things that players love to have in their game and those things that players love to make.


For many players, the Sims 3 did bring about a hindrance in modding certain files and textures, however the setback did not last long. While the list for the Sims 3 is smaller than that of say the original game or Sims 2, there are still plenty of sites that offer players free Sims 3 objects.

List of Custom Content Sites

1. Mod the Sims – perhaps the de facto favorite site for Sims players, Mod the Sims is the place for unique objects, clothing, and Sims for both the Sims 2 and the Sims 3. There are also a large amount of mods that will modify the game to create the ultimate unique Sim, everything from making your Sims read faster to fixing some of the inheirant issues that plagued the game at first release. In order to download, simply signing up for the site allows complete access to all downloads, comments, and forums.

2. The Sims Resource – one of the larger Sims sites, this site holds downloads for all three Sims incarnations. While the site itself does included paid membership, there are many objects that can be downloaded for free. As with MTS, a simple sign up is required for downloading.

3. EA Store – not many players are happy with the EA store that furnishes a lot of Sims 3 content, however there are objects and recolors that are offered on the site for free for anyone player that has bought the game. In fact, points are given when a new user installs and signs up for the main Sims 3 site. Among some of the free items are the free Toyota Prius and the second world of Riverview.

4. Sims 3 Forums – within the various listings, there are some topics in which discuss finding those hard to find objects (hair, clothing), along with posting links of where to find them. As listed, many enjoy MTS or TSR, but there are sites that come up that either are strictly for Sims 3 or have updated their current sites for Sims 3.


There are many more sites like the ones mentioned, though these are the ones that are updated on a fairly regular basis. Some sites that cater to the Sims 2 may also have a section or links to the Sims 3, where you can get objects for your game. With the exception of the Sims Resource, the majority of these sites are free, usually only asking for a simple sign up for the site itself; others may allow you to download certain files without registering.

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In the case of all custom content, its important that you follow the instructions when downloading them. Some files may require additional hacks or meshes to work and while some modders will include these with their files, others don’t. Be sure to read any instructions or rules when it comes to downloading objects and other things to ensure that your game and your Sim will enjoy the new stuff.

Image content – Sims 3 game box @ The Sims 3; custom house @ Mod The Sims