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Sims 3 Lifetime Wishes
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What Are Sims 3 Lifetime Wishes?

Lifetime wishes have been around since Sims 2, where they were called lifetime wants. LTW are basically the accomplishments that a Sim wants to achieve before their death. LTWs can be decided either during the creation of a new Sim in the Create a Sim area or, if the Sim has grown from child to adult, during the course of the game.

Lifetime Wishes can be viewed as those dreams that we aspire to in real life. Someone may hold dreams of being the head of their company or being a famous author; the Sims have these types of wishes to, which are usually based on the traits that you choose for them. These traits correlate into the personality of your created Sim. For instance, if you create a Sim that is a virtuoso, a bookworm, and artistic, their LTW may be to be a famous composer or a famous artist. Here is a list of some of the LTW that a Sim can have -

  • CEO of a Mega-Corporation
  • Celebrated Five Star Chef
  • Become a Master Thief
  • Chess Legend
  • Emperor of Evil
  • Gold digger
  • Golden Tongue/Golden Fingers

How to Reach a LTW

Achieving the Sims 3 Lifetime Wishes can be an easy feat if you take careful care in not only creating your Sim, but maintaining an interest in what they do. Possibly the easiest way is to create a Sim; this gives you the advantage of picking and choosing which traits and which LTW wish you want to strive for. Let’s use the example of Golden Tongue/Golden Fingers. To get this LTW as an option, you need to have the traits of virtuoso and charisma; to achieve this LTW in game, your Sim will need to max out both the Charisma skill and the Guitar skill.

This LTW wish is probably the easiest to achieve, regardless of which career you choose for your Sim; however any career which utilizes charisma and guitar (such as rock star) makes this especially easy. When you create your Sim in CAS, add the suggested traits, along with any that will boost those traits (like artistic or friendly). Once the traits are selected, you’ll be asked to choose from one of five different lifetime wishes. In this examples, GTGF will be among them. Once you’re satisfied with your Sim, go through the steps to begin the game.

The first thing is to buy a guitar after you choose a house for your Sim. If you’ve used a cheat, like free real estate or one of the money cheats, you may be able to hold your Sim off from getting a real job while you build up his skills. Skills are a major part of advancing your Sim in their career and getting them to a high position within their company (of if they happen to have a career LTW).

In game LTW and Reaching the Goal

What happens to the Sims 3 Lifetime Wishes if you don’t create a Sim? That all depends on which track you take - whether you use a pre-installed Sim or your Sim gets married and has a family. Pre-installed Sims will already have their LTWs established and you just need to get them to that goal before they die.

new enzo

The selection of LTWs are a bit limited when deciding one for a teen going into adulthood. While you can choose a LTW in CAS and go back and choose a different one, doing so in game requires knowing your Sim. The traits that you choose for your teen Sim, again, decide what course their LTW will go. If you wanted the above, but choose traits that would, for example, lead to Chess Legend, you can wait to see if your choice will come up.

Be careful when doing this in the game, as you can not reverse your decision unless you load a previous save point (or don’t save the game at that point).

So what happens when you DO achieve that lifetime wish? Well, you’ll be awarded some big points in the Lifetime Rewards arena and your Sim will have accomplished their dream.

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