How to Get a Sims 3 Death Flower

How to Get a Sims 3 Death Flower
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What is the Sims 3 Death Flower?

The Sims 3 death flower resembles a skull and has tendril scarlet petals and leaves. It can’t be used directly or sold for money. It is however quite invaluable.

When a Sim dies for any reason and the Grim Reaper appears to come and take the Sim’s soul, if the Sim that is dying has a death flower in their inventory, they can offer the Grim Reaper the flower. The Grim Reaper desires these flowers more than death and soul collecting itself, so the reaper will take the flower and bring the Sim back to life. Whatever killed the Sim to start with is slightly raised (for instance starving to death) so the Sim can replenish that motive (in this example, go eat something).

Gardening Skill

The Sims 3 death flower can only be planted from special seeds found in certain places. It can however only be planted by a Sim who has at least a level 7 gardening skill. Before planting special seeds then, it is a good idea to start raising your gardening skills.

To start with, buy all of the gardening books to raise your skills without actually having to garden. Start your garden and while it is growing, read the books. This really speeds up the process.

Once you have your garden setup, don’t forget to fertilize it, tend the garden and harvest when your crops are ready. This increases your gardening skill, so plant as much as you can on your property.

If your Sim has the “Green Thumb” trait, your Sim has the ability to revive the death flower plant with a 50% chance of success. If you already revived it though, it will always become barren the second time.

How to Find a Death Flower

Sims 3 Death Flower Seed

To find a Sims 3 death flower seed or actual flower, your Sim needs to explore the Graveyard. In Sunset Valley, visit the Pleasant Rest Graveyard. It is possible to pick up a single death flower while visiting here. Sims can sometimes randomly receive one of these seeds while exploring the catacombs in the graveyard as well.

A death flower seed shows up as a special seed titled “Unknown Special Seed.” The seeds are also scattered around the graveyard randomly every few days. These special seeds don’t always grow death flowers though. These seeds also have the chance to grow money trees, flame fruit and life fruit.

It is also possible for a Sim to obtain one of these seeds from fishing. Your Sim needs to also have a high level fishing skill for this.

Your Sim could also randomly obtain the Unknown Special Seed by traveling to the future when using a Time Machine.

Obtain Your Death Flower

After you’ve found your Unknown Special Seed, you need to plant it. Remember to only do so if you are level 7 gardening or above though.

Plant all of this type of seed that you have and hope that one of them grows into the Sims 3 death flower. It is random if it becomes the death flower, money tree, flame fruit or life fruit.

After you’ve harvested your death flower, make sure to keep it in your inventory to exchange with the Grim Reaper when he comes for your Sim!