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New Careers with Sims 3 Ambitions

by: R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Sims 3 Ambitions is a new expansion pack focusing on several new Sims 3 careers and money-making opportunities. Here is your guide to all of the new careers and ways your Sims can earn a living, or just some extra cash on the side.

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    The Sims 3 Ambitions is the second expansion pack in the Sims 3 franchise. It offers a variety of new items and game play options, including several new Sims 3 careers. Careers are the central theme of this expansion pack. Players are now able to be far more interactive in their Sims' career. These new careers in the Sims 3 pay by the job, generally, but a weekly stipend is also included.

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    Sims who wish to pursue the new architect career path in the Sims 3 Ambitions will do best with the charismatic and Sims 3 Ambitions architect carlsims artistic traits. The photography skill and painting skill can also help an aspiring architect through her career. Building up charisma will help them better interact with current and potential clients. Players who want their Sim to become an architect should beef up their home building skills to aid them along this career track.

    The Home Design Hotshot lifetime wish is a very difficult one to achieve and will take, on normal, most Sims longer than their lifetime. Unfortunately, each design is just worth one and as of now there are no tricks to make things go faster.

    Architect profession levels include:

    • Fabric fetcher
    • Pattern spotter
    • Placement planner
    • Feng Shui fiend
    • décor debutant
    • Furniture fashionista
    • Regent of rugs
    • Aesthetic architect
    • Sultan of style
    • Dictator of design

    Sims can only work Monday through Friday from 8:00am until 6:00pm. Once Sims max the career experience and take the Profession Simolean Booster award can start to routinely earn $6,000.00 for each excellent review (with bonus). This will continue to increase as the Sim gains more job experience. Achieving the Entrepreneurial Mindset lifetime reward can be very beneficial in helping a Sim accomplish this goal.

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    Ghost Hunter

    Sims 3 Ambitions ghost hunter carlsims In the Sims 3 Ambitions, ghost hunting is a new and exciting Sims 3 career for the most daring and adventurous Sims to pursue. This career has the potential to be very profitable for the best ghost hunters. Sims can even travel the world collecting spirits. The genius trait is a major benefit for aspiring ghost hunters because they need seven profession levels just from logic and this trait can help them to start earning money faster. The eccentric trait is also useful because it will set the Sim up for the Paranormal Profiteer lifetime wish so that they can reach level ten in ghost hunting.

    Sims will work from 5:00pm until 3:00am Monday through Friday hunting and catching ghosts. Once a spirit is caught, Sims should sell them as quickly as possible for the best profit. Sims will also earn a weekly stipend in this career. Once Sims make it to the top of this profession as a paranormal expert, their stipend is $2,480.00 per week.

    Ghost hunter profession levels include:

    • Tarot card reader
    • Ectoplasm cleaner
    • Spooky noise silencer
    • Spirit sweeper
    • Séance holder
    • Ghost grabber
    • Creep seeker
    • Rare medium
    • Outstanding occultist
    • Paranormal expert
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    Being an inventor is a new Sims 3 career in Sims 3 Ambitions. This career path allows Sims to invent toys, widgets, sims 3 ambitions inventor carlsims and other inventions to help them in a variety ways. In order to begin in this career, Sims will need to shell out $1,250.00 for the Scraptronic Workbench. Sims can choose to Dabble with this workbench and/or take classes in order to increase their inventing skills. Having a high handiness skill is crucial for this career path. The eccentric trait and born saleswoman and born salesman traits are also highly beneficial in this field. This career is done on a self-employment basis so Sims can work whenever and for as long as they want.

    Inventor profession levels include:

    • Electrocution victim
    • Nuts and bolts combiner
    • Duct tape rigger
    • Whatchamahickey designer
    • Experienced innovator
    • Hosebeast
    • Father of local ingenuity
    • Feared technie
    • Robotics dealer
    • Fourth dimensional architect
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    Private Investigator

    Sims 3 ambitions private investigator carlsims This exciting Sims 3 career is brand new in Sims 3 Ambitions. This isn't the highest paying career track, but certainly one of the most interesting and interactive. Private investigators will due themselves a big favor if they have the perceptive trait because it not only helps them solve cases, but makes it easier for them. The genius trait and computer whiz traits are also beneficial because the genius trait helps logic, which is crucial for this career, build faster, and computer whiz will help them have better hacking skills. The friendly and charismatic traits are also helpful for dealing with victims of crime, as well as perpetrators. Being disciplined and athletic is also helpful if the Sim needs to be a little “tough" in getting information about a crime. The highest weekly stipend is $2,475.00 and is at the private eye level. Sims will begin earning $650.00 per case and with the Opportunistic lifetime reward will earn $1,300.00 per case. Sims work all times of the day in this career. Sims serious about this career, will benefit from purchasing a good laptop.

    Private investigator profession levels include:

    • Eavesdropper
    • Small claims investigator
    • Wrongdoing analyzer
    • Community crime solver
    • Obscure clue summoner
    • Gumshoe
    • Licensed snoop
    • Community sleuth
    • Flatfooted investigation specialist
    • Private eye
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    Safety Careers

    In the Sims 3 Ambitions, Sims can work towards becoming doctors and firefighters. The doctor career is really just an updated medical career track career with a few extras. Doctors can now leave the hospital during their working hours to do clinic duty and vaccinations, as well as other side jobs. Sims who aspire to be doctors will benefit from the genius and bookworm traits, as well as raising their logic skills.

    Firefighters will benefit from the athletic and handy traits the most, followed by the daredevil, friendly, brave, and Sims 3 Ambitions firefighter carlsims charismatic traits. Firefighters work 9:00am to 5:00pm, in the beginning, Monday through Friday. Raising the athletic and handiness skills are crucial to success in this field, as well as survival. During working hours, firefighters will hand out at the firehouse until they get a call and have to put out a fire and rescue Sims. As firefighter progress through their career they can start to work from home.

    Firefighter profession levels include:

    • Water girl/boy
    • Soot stripper
    • Fire safety instructor
    • Hose Handler
    • Fireman
    • Fire sergeant
    • Fire captain
    • Backdraft specialist
    • Assistant fire chief
    • Fire chief
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    Learning to sculpt is completely hands-on and cannot be learned through classes or books. Purchasing the Sims 3 Ambitions sculptor carlsims Pedestrian Sculpting Station is required for this career. Aspiring sculptors will benefit from the savvy sculptor trait. Increasing creativity is also beneficial. Sims who plan on spending a lot of time sculpting can also benefit from the loner trait. Sims can sell their sculptures in the consignment shop or the interface. Sims can sculpt anytime and for as long as they want.

    Sculptor profession levels include:

    • Questionable potter
    • Cro-magnon clay creator
    • Sculpting gozer
    • Block buster
    • Obelisk architect
    • Ice guy
    • Renaissance sculptor
    • Chiseled chiseler
    • Topiary tantalizer
    • Master sculpologist
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    Stylists will work from 9:00am to 7:00pm Tuesday through Saturday. The Fuss no Muss Styling Station, though pricey, sims 3 ambitions stylist carlsims and the Drafting Table are very important to a Sim who is serious about becoming a stylist. The earning potential is high in this field. Socializing is also essential for success. The snob and charismatic traits are beneficial in this field, as is the friendly trait. Never dull can also be quite useful. Once Sims reach the highest career level, fashion phenomenon, they earn a weekly stipend of $2,306.00.

    Stylist profession levels:

    • Fashion fledgling
    • Taffeta trainee
    • Polka dot specialist
    • Houndstooth soothsayer
    • Trendsetter in training
    • In vogue virtuoso
    • Haute hot shot
    • Couture connoisseur
    • Fashionista
    • Fashion phenomenon
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    Sims 3 Ambitions teacher carlsims Sims who want to be teachers will benefit from the ambitious, charismatic, friendly, bookworm, and genius traits. Teachers can be substitute teachers, elementary school teachers, middle school teachers, or high school teachers. All teachers work Monday through Friday with substitute and elementary teachers working 8:00am to 2:00pm, and middle and high school teachers working 8:00am to 3:00pm. Players who choose this career track for their Sims unfortunately cannot follow them to work.

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    Sims can register themselves as self-employed if their primary way or earning money is a specific skill. All a Sim has to do is reach the first level of their chosen skill and register at City Hall. Sims will set goals, accomplish them, and earn bonuses. They will also earn rewards, such a trophies and rewards.

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    Consignment Shop

    sims 3 ambitions conshops carlsims Each town has a new consignment shop in the Sims 3 Ambitions. This allows Sims a much better way to inventions and paintings. Sims can put items into the consignment shop for sale and boost their profits through a high markup. Almost everything a Sim can make can be sold in these shops. The consignment shop is open seven days a week from 9:30am to 6:00pm. Sims can also go into the shop and purchase things.

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    Real Estate and Property Ownership

    Sims 3 Ambitions sims3realestate Sims 3 has always allowed Sims to own and invest in properties, but Sims 3 Ambitions adds to this. With this expansion pack, Sims can now purchase and improve just about ever public place in town. After purchasing the deed, Sims can upgrade the infrastructure, such as placing a picnic table or bench by a lake, or purchasing the laundromat and adding washing machines. In order to make the highest profits, Sims will have to buy ownership.