The Sims Medieval Lute Guide for the Bard

The Sims Medieval Lute Guide for the Bard
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Play a Song on the Lute

The Sims Medieval bard hero plays the lute, writes poems and plays and is able to perform all of them on the stage at the tavern. This hero loves the attention and sharing what they are able to create. Each bard starts out with the basic The Sims Medieval lute already equipped. As the hero progresses and earns Simoles, they can purchase a new lute to play.

The Sims Medieval Lute and Music

In “The Sims Medieval” there are only two ways that Sims can hear music. The easiest way is to listen to it performed by the bard. The other way is to purchase a music box and put it into the home so the Sim can listen to it.

The Sims Medieval lute is the bard’s best way of earning fast experience points and earning an income. Most of the Sims in the Kingdom enjoys the songs that the bard is able to perform with the lute on the stage. So, each performance will have Sims dancing by the stage and giving the hero money after each song. Unless you are using The Sims Medieval cheats for quick money, this is the next best way to earn fast money for your bard.

Each level (except for level 10) that the bard gains will unlock new songs that they can play on their lute. The bard can perform songs anywhere in the Kingdom. If there are Sims nearby, they will more than likely come join you and dance to the songs you perform (also earning your hero tip money). The bard can also play the lute on the stage at the tavern to earn money and of course experience points too.

If you just want to practice playing the instrument, your hero can select to “Practice” and they will earn experience points for as long as they practice playing it.

Types of Lutes

The type of lute that your bard plays really just depends on how much money your bard has to spend on one. Of course, the more you spend, the better The Sims Medieval lute will be. The best lute is the “Masterwork Lute” and it will barely have the strings break. The better the lute, the more your bard will also earn in tips from Sims listening to you perform. This is something you should really try to invest in early on.

Jeweled Lute of the Watcher

  • Price at Village Shoppe: $3,150
  • Tone: Divine

The Sims Medieval Bard playing at castle

Masterwork Lute

  • Price at Village Shoppe: $1,035
  • Tone: Rich

Sturdy Lute

  • Price at Village Shoppe: $607
  • Tone: Melodic

The Sims Medieval Bard playing the lute onstage

Peasant’s Lute

  • Price at Village Shoppe: $135
  • Tone: Sharp

These lutes are all available as upgrades at the Village Shoppe. The Sims Medieval merchant can also buy them and place them for sale at the market, but you can expect to pay more for the lute if shopping for it there. Having an upgraded lute, such as those listed above is not something you have to do, but it is highly suggested.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

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