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    • Is The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles Expansion Pack Worth It?
      The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles is the first expansion pack to the standalone Sims game. If you already play the game, is this new expansion really worth it? Do the new clothing, items, and quests really add much to the game? Read this and find out!
    • Think You Know Your Heroes in The Sims Medieval?
      Do you think you know all of the heroes in “The Sims Medieval" better than others? Do you play as all of the heroes, and have no favorites, or do you prefer a few over the others? Test your knowledge on all these heroes and see just how well you know the game.
    • The Ultimate The Sims Medieval Guide
      A comprehensive guide to “The Sims Medieval" game for the PC. This isn’t just “The Sims 3" with a renaissance feel; this is a separate game and is a new way to play the series. Bookmark this guide so you can come back to it for easy access to the information as you need it.
    • Hidden Skills Heroes can Learn in The Sims Medieval
      Heroes can learn hidden skills in “The Sims Medieval." The skill system works differently in this game in other games such as “The Sims 3." In Medieval Sims can learn how to whittle, play the flute or fiddle, play Kingball and gamble at the gaming table.
    • Guide to Poems by the Bard in The Sims Medieval
      Bards in “The Sims Medieval" can write poetry that will captivate their audience and leave them wanting to hear more. The hero loves the fame, but they also earn Simoles and experience points for writing these poems. Find out more about it in this guide.
    • Guide to Plays in The Sims Medieval
      The bard can captivate their audience onstage by performing plays that they write in “The Sims Medieval." Aside from earning experience points, they can also earn money for doing this. Find out everything you need to know about this for your bard in this article.
    • Sims Medieval Walkthrough - Sacred Scrutiny
      Lands riddled with the faithless and over-educated? Cathedral a little dusty? See what happens when you don't expect the Jacoban inquisition!
    • Where to Find Mana Stones in your Kingdom
      Want to mine the rarest mineral in “The Sims Medieval"? This rare stone is the mana stone and it will also generate the most amount of Simoles if selling to the local shop. Find out more about this stone and also what you can use it for in this guide.
    • Whittling for Fun and Profit in The Sims Medieval
      Heroes and regular Sims in “The Sims Medieval" can whittle when they are bored or want something fun to do. The creations they make can be sold to the Village Shoppe or right from your hero’s personal inventory. This can be very profitable for your Sim to earn side money each day.
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