The Sims Medieval Whittle Guide

The Sims Medieval Whittle Guide
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Hidden Skills

There are no skill levels that are shown for hero Sims in “The Sims Medieval.” This differs from other games in “The Sims” series because your heroes don’t earn points for improving their charisma, handiness, or other skills that they can learn in other games.

There are a few hidden skills, such as The Sims Medieval whittle interaction that your heroes can learn in this game, but because they are hidden you cannot see the levels for them anywhere. Once your hero starts doing better, you can assume that their level for that skill went up some.

“The Sims Medieval” skills that are hidden include:

  • Card Games
  • Fiddle
  • Kingball
  • Lute
  • Whittle

Practicing these interactions frequently enough will eventually have your hero winning on the Kingball court, winning games of chance at the card table, whittling like a pro, and playing the fiddle like a seasoned The Sims Medieval Bard in no time!

Whittling: A Hidden Skill

All Sims can make items with The Sims Medieval whittle self-interaction. You can start whittling as a level one hero and you don’t need to purchase any extra gear or supplies to get started. You don’t need to gather wood in the forest to carve the figures, so it really doesn’t take any extra time to get started.

To whittle, simply right click on your hero and select “Whittle.” That’s it!

If your hero is in a building, you will see them go sit in a chair and pull out a piece of wood and start carving. If your hero is outside, you will see them pull out a piece of wood and start carving. Sims that love the outdoors especially enjoy this activity in the great outdoors.

After a short time of carving the object, your Sim finishes and shows it off in the air. Once finished with their little arts and crafts project, you will see it in your hero’s personal inventory.

The Sims Medieval whittling 2

The carved object that is made from The Sims Medieval whittle interaction is a little wooden horse. It is rumored that higher levels into this hidden skill will make more detailed and intricate carvings or perhaps this will just be something added in a future update or patch to the game.

The item that your hero whittles can be placed in their home and displayed as you see fit. If you don’t want all of the little wooden horses cluttering up your hero’s home, selling them is a great option that will also generate a nice amount of Simoles for your hero.

Whittling for Profit

Heroes in the Kingdom don’t make a huge daily amount of money, especially starting out. For the players who don’t want to use The Sims Medieval cheats for an easy money cheat to gain a large amount of money in a few seconds, they will need to find ways to supplement their hero’s income so they can purchase items at the local Village Shoppe, at the merchant’s market, and also in Buy Mode to upgrade their hero’s building with extravagant treasures to help their focus levels stay high with positive buffs for having beautiful decorations around them.

Crafting is a great way for the Physician, Wizard, Spy, and Blacksmith heroes to earn extra money besides their daily income. They can also harvest minerals and/or gather herbs found around the Kingdom. The other professions in the Kingdom aren’t so lucky with their jobs on earning much extra side cash to spend.

The Sims Medieval whittling 3

The Sims Medieval whittling is something that all of the heroes in the Kingdom can do, and it doesn’t even cost anything to make the items. That makes it a 100% profit, and heroes can do it starting at level one. This makes it the perfect hobby for heroes to have when they are bored and looking for something fun to do and also earn some money on the side.

All of the objects that your hero will make by whittling will earn extra money for your hero starting at around $10. The better your hero gets at this hidden skill, the more they will earn. Even at the higher level your Sim gains with this skill though, they won’t always earn the larger amount on the carvings. It seems to be random based on the hidden skill level, the hero’s focus level or mood, and also perhaps on the level of the hero. Due to this being a hidden skill, it isn’t fully known how the interaction determines what is carved exactly and which factors determine the value of the object.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

Screenshots provided by the writer.