The Sims Medieval Review - Does it Beat The Sims 3 in Fun?

The Sims Medieval Review - Does it Beat The Sims 3 in Fun?
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The Sims Medieval Review

“The Sims Medieval” is a standalone base game that is a part of “The Sims” series of games. It looks very similar to “The Sims 3” but it is not part of that series. There are some The Sims 3 Medieval downloads that you could put into your game, but this new game is not part of that series.

As someone who has played every single “The Sims” game that has been released, I was really looking forward to playing “The Sims Medieval.” I loaded the game and was pleasantly surprised with the comedic intro to the game, even if it wasn’t fully animated. Find out if it actually measures up with the other games or not with this review of “The Sims Medieval.”

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

When you start playing the game, you only are able to play the “New Beginnings” ambition. This is essentially the tutorial area to the game and it is where you learn how to play it. In this ambition, you will clearly see the big differences that are in this game compared with “The Sims 3.”

For instance, you take part in quests as a hero and then once it is over, you can pick a new quest with a different hero. If your hero gets married and/or has kids, you are only able to control your hero.

You build up your kingdom with hero buildings, but they can’t be built up further. You can change furnishings and walls/floors, but the total customization isn’t there as it is in “The Sims 3.”

The quests are fun though, and how it is setup with the use of heroes, makes it a fun and engaging game that is actually quite fun once you get used to the new style of gameplay. Through these quests and completing ambitions, you will earn achievements which will increase your “Watcher” level. This is one of The Sims Medieval review sections that I really enjoyed.

Once you complete an ambition, you will unlock items and more ambitions to complete. You will also have the choice of going back and playing that kingdom again in a freestyle mode, but no further accomplishments can be gained from doing so.

Graphics (4 out of 5)

The graphics in The Sims Medieval are very similar to “The Sims 3.” They aren’t any better, but they aren’t really any worse either.

The Sims Medieval Monarch

The buildings aren’t able to be as customized as in “The Sims 3” nor are the heroes that you create. It might be due to these reasons that the game does seem to run smoother when playing.

To be sure that your gaming computer is able to run this game, check out The Sims Medieval system requirements before buying it.

Sound (4 out of 5)

The Sims Medieval Bard Playing Lute

The music in “The Sims Medieval” is historically appropriate for a game that is set in Medieval times. It isn’t annoying, and if it isn’t your thing, you can always go to the settings and either turn it off or turn it down.

The sounds in the game are also pretty much the same as in the other “The Sims” games. Sim interactions are the same in sound as in “The Sims 3” which is nice because it gives a familiarity to the game in this sense.

The Sims Medieval bard hero is also able to play musical instruments with songs that you could imagine being played in this period of time.

User Interface and Controls (3 out of 5)

The Sims Medieval Monarch

The game is so similar in many aspects to “The Sims 3” that you would think that the user interface and controls would be too, right? Well, at first glance, it is. However, once you start playing it, you will see that it actually is setup in a more awkward way that doesn’t make it as easy to use as in ‘The Sims 3.” The user interface in “The Sims Medieval” takes getting used to, but once you do, it is rather easy to use.

The camera movements are also not as easy as in ‘The Sims 3.” The camera angles that you can rotate are not as seamless as in other games, and this is something that was a big turnoff for me. Not something that I couldn’t get past, but it is highly annoying when playing sometimes.

Overall Review of The Sims Medieval (4 out of 5)

Overall, I do recommend “The Sims Medieval.” It is a very fun game that is historically fun and also does give “The Sims” feel for all of the Simmers out there. It isn’t as fun as “The Sims 3” but it is still very high on the fun factor and worth giving a chance.

The Sims Medieval cheats aren’t as advanced and helpful as in “The Sims 3” but that is okay because at least the money cheats are there and very helpful!


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