The Sims 3 Medieval Downloads and Custom Content

The Sims 3 Medieval Downloads and Custom Content
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The Sims Medieval

The new stand-alone game called “The Sims Medieval Limited Edition” will be released on March 22, 2011. This game is all about the medieval experience and has fans eagerly waiting to play it. So, until this game is released, why not download medieval inspired items for your “The Sims 3” game?

The Sims 3 Medieval Downloads – The Official Sims 3 Store

The Sims 3 official store offers a few sets that would be worth purchasing to give your Sims 3 game a medieval feel to it.

Gothique – this set includes sets for a living room and a bedroom. To save a few Sim Points, you can also purchase these sets together which includes 24 items that are used quite often in other medieval inspired downloads you will come across in this article, or on custom content you find elsewhere. If you are going to purchase just one set to help with decorating for The Sims 3 Medieval, this would be it!

Castle – what medieval town would be complete without a castle? The official store has sets for the interior of the castle and also for the exterior castle, which you would build in game.

Regal Living – these sets aren’t really “medieval.” However, it does include many items that you could use and re-color for your medieval homes. This set also includes a “full set” of all 41 of the regal living items, which is worth getting if you like the style.

While visiting the store, it is also a good idea to go ahead and download free Sims 3 store items. These are often used on other websites too, and they are free!

The Sims 3 Medieval Downloads – Sims

Downloading a Sim that is ready to go is the easiest way to start your medieval experience in “The Sims 3.” Here are some that would be ready to go from The Sims 3 Exchange.

The Sims 3 Medieval Family

Medieval Family – this family includes a King, Queen, Princess and a servant. This would be a great addition to start your game with for this theme.

Princess Adélaïde De Larsenic – this princess comes with some fabulous custom content, so for that reason it is a unique one you can find to easily download.

Celeste of Morwood – this is another sexy Sims 3 character to download for your medieval experience.

The Sims 3 Medieval Downloads – Clothing

Clothing is a must have for gamers wanting a medieval experience. Here are some of the best The Sims 3 medieval clothes available for free thanks to the talented creators on Mod the Sims.

Medieval Warrior – this clothing set for male Sims is a really nice addition for your theme based town. Available for use by adult and young adult male Sims.

Brigandine Suit – beautifully crafted cuirass for male Sims aged teen to elder.

Medieval clothes for men – this set includes clothes for adult and young adult male Sims.

The Sims 3 Medieval Clothing

Medieval clothes for women – this set includes a beautiful outfit for adult and young adult female Sims.

Hobbit Girl Outfits – this is a really fantastic set for young adult female Sims that are sure to bring enjoyment to your Sims 3 game.

Lord of the Ring Inspired Gowns – this is another set of sexy clothes for The Sims 3 for young adult females that was inspired by Lord of the Rings. This is really a must download for The Sims 3 Medieval downloads!

Medieval clothes for teens – this set includes the male and female teen aged clothes for this look.

Medieval clothes for boys – this is for child aged Sim boys because they need to dress the part too!

Medieval clothes for girls – this is for child aged Sim girls. Very cute for The Sims 3 Medieval girls!

Medieval Downloads for The Sims 3 – Objects

Objects need to be added in a medieval home for the full experience. Here are some of the best medieval objects for free thanks to the talented creators on Mod the Sims 3.

Medieval Living Room Set – this set includes a sofa, end table and arm chair.

Medieval Dining Room Set – this set includes a dining room set that looks great in the same home as the living room set mentioned above.

The Sims 3 Medieval Objects

Medieval Loveseat – this is very cute and would go great with either of the sets above too.

Fantasy Signs – these can be added to a kids room, or as regular wall art. The art on these signs are from the Harry Potter series and Lord of the Rings.

Decorator Shield – castles need to have shields adorning the walls, right?

Playable Harp and Lute – this is a very cool download set that you should get for your game. It features a playable harp and lute!

Guillotine – not usable, but could perhaps scare Sims into behaving!

Patterns help you to customize your items, which can be done to fully customize the look you are trying to achieve in this medieval theme. This medieval pattern set and this royal medieval pattern set will help you to get the look you are going for.

Medieval Downloads for The Sims 3 – Lots

To really get the feel that you are playing a medieval themed Sims 3 game, you will need to download medieval lots for your game. Here are some of the best medieval lots that you can download for free.

Residential Lots:

‘Old Times Sims’ Medieval Village – this is a must download residential lot that contains no extra custom content. It is really beautiful and is the perfect download for a medieval inspired Sims 3 game.

The Sims 3 Gypsy Camp

Gypsy Camp – this is a very cool lot that you can add to a medieval themed town (or perhaps to any town). It is a fun residential lot with a gypsy theme!

Small Fairytale Town – this is a residential lot that includes a manor and three small houses on the lot. This is really perfect for a medieval inspired world!

Vampire Castle – this is the perfect download for The Sims 3 vampires! Seriously, what vampire wouldn’t want to live here?

Community Lots:

La Grosse Cloche (or Bell Tower) – this is a stunningly beautiful community lot for your Medieval downloads for The Sims 3 game. It has a café, library, florist, benches and even a loft for a wandering Sim.

Medieval Library – Sims love to learn, so add this ready to place library for your game.

Medieval Central ParkThe Sims 3 neighborhoods need a central park, and this will complete your neighborhood for the theme you are going for.

Medieval Marketplace – Sims need a place to go shopping, so this market place is the perfect fit for your town!

Jousting Arena – Sims need a place to exercise at, and this jousting arena comes with a gym, restrooms and more!

Outskirts of Wyzima Tavern – this is a dive bar inspired by “The Witcher.” This is really a fun Sims 3 bar you can add to your game.

Castle Club – what town is complete without one of The Sims 3 clubs? This one will also fit in perfectly with your medieval town in the game.


All screenshots and references from The Sims 3 and websites viewed for the downloads.

Screenshots provided by the writer.