The Ultimate Guide to The Sims Medieval

The Ultimate Guide to The Sims Medieval
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The Sims Medieval is a standalone game that is visually similar to The Sims 3 but is a completely different game. If you want to bring in The Sims 3 Medieval downloads for your game, you can, but it is a different game. This game is played by using heroes as your Sims to go on quests with. The quests build up your Kingdom, and from there you can advance in the game. However, if you prefer to play with a more unrestricted gameplay, you can always just play in the freestyle mode.

If you are new to The Sims series of games, or you play every game that is released in the series, this will be a very helpful guide for you to play this game. Be sure to bookmark it, so you can come back to it for easy access whenever you need the information that these articles provide.

The Sims Medieval

The Sims Medieval has a different style of gameplay than previous games. You can only play as the heroes in the game, and the other Sims in the Kingdom are like the secondary characters that you have no control of. You rule the Kingdom and control how things happen in it, but what you do for the quests is what decides the fate of the Kingdom too. These guides will help you to better understand how to play the game.

The Sims Medieval pit beast

Basic Guides

Love, Marriage, WooHoo, and Family Guides

The Sims Medieval Wizard Preparing Spell

System Requirements and Technical Guides


The Sims Medieval whittling

There aren’t any main skills that you have to worry about in this game. There are however, some hidden skills that the heroes can learn. These don’t have to be learned by all of the heroes in the game, but it does help pass the time.

Cooking, Harvesting, Mining and Fishing

The Sims Medieval herbs being gathered

Sims in The Sims Medieval has to cook to eat, even if their cooking is a bit primitive. They also gather herbs, go mining, and spend time fishing. The items collecting doing this are free for the Sim, so it is quite beneficial for Sims to do this rather than buy them at the Village Shoppe.

Hero Guides

There are quite a few different heroes that you can play through the quests with for your Kingdom. Depending on which hero you want to use, there are different quests that are available for you to do. These guides will help you learn more about each type of hero, and what they can do.

The Sims Medieval Bard seeking inspiration

Bard Guides

Blacksmith Guides

The Sims Medieval Jacoban Priest Proclamation Board

Jacoban Priest Guides

Knight Guides

Merchant Guides

Monarch Guides

Peteran Priest Guide

The Sims Medieval Physician Crafting Medicine



The Sims Medieval Wizard Performing Spell



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