The Sims Medieval Spells Guide

The Sims Medieval Spells Guide
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The Sims Medieval

The Sims Medieval Wizard casting spell

The Sims Medieval wizard is the only hero Sim that is able to learn and perform any of the spells that are available in the game. This hero resides in the Wizard’s Tower that is placed next to the Clinic. The wizard is able to not only cast spells but also make potions and is able to collect herbs and minerals to craft those potions. This article will focus on the spells that the wizard can learn and cast.

The Sims Medieval Spells

The Sims Medieval heroes can all be subjected to have a spell cast on them by the wizard. The Sims Medieval spells are a fun way to spend time playing as the wizard hero though. They can be mischievous, evil or be good and help others. How will you choose to play this hero?

The Sims Medieval Wizard Preparing Spell

To learn a spell, your hero will need to use the Arcane Tome object. This is a hero specific item that is in the first floor of the Wizard’s Tower when you first move in. Wizards can learn spells by selecting to “Study Spell.” From there, you can highlight a spell that is available for your hero to learn. It will show the rune recipe of how to prepare the spell. Remember how to do it because when you select to “Prepare Spell” you will need to enter in the runes in the correct order to learn that spell. To ensure that your hero learns the spell, be sure to also have a high Focus level when preparing the spell.

Unfortunately you cannot use any of The Sims Medieval cheats to unlock all of The Sims Medieval spells to use on your hero at any given time. You are only able to have a certain amount of spells learned at a time and ready to cast. You can “Forget a Spell” and learn a new one at any time though. A level 1 wizard can only remember 3 spells, level 5 can remember 5 spells and the level 10 wizard can remember 10 spells.

Spells in The Sims Medieval

Each of the spells available for the wizard to use in “The Sims 3 Medieval” will require you to remember the rune recipe in order to prepare it for your hero to learn. This is a handy guide for you to go to so you can have them all at hand and ready for you to use for your hero.


  • Runes: Light, Energy, Air
  • This spell will help to grow (or replenish) the herbs and minerals in a spawn point to help increase the gathering or mining results the next time it is collected.


  • Runes: Energy, Fire, Light
  • This spell in The Sims Medieval will create a fireworks effect around the wizard. Sims watching will receive a “Dazzled” buff.

The Sims Medieval Wizard Performing Spell

Spirit Thief

  • Runes: Dark, Force, Air
  • This spell steals the “Soul Fragment” from the Sim it was cast on. This soul is placed in the hero’s inventory and the Sim it was taken from receives the “Soulless” buff.

Magic Arrow

  • Runes: Energy, Air, Light
  • This will send a magic arrow out to attack the targeted Sim. The Sim will receive a minor wound.


  • Runes: Energy, Dark, Force
  • This spell is cast on a Sim that the wizard doesn’t like. It will curse the other Sim and give them a “Hexed” negative buff that will also lower their Focus.


  • Runes: Energy, Order, Light
  • This spell is a good spell that a wizard can use to help other Sims. It will help to heal an injured or sick Sim by lowering their ailment by a whole tier level.

Ghostly Music

  • Runes: Air, Energy, Order
  • This spell will allow the target of the spell to hear ghostly music. This also gives that Sim the “Captivated” buff.

The Sims Medieval Spells


  • Runes: Light, Energy, Order
  • This spell will give the wizard the “Clairvoyant” buff which will allow the hero to learn other Sim’s traits faster.


  • Runes: Air, Force, Order
  • This spell is used to cast a tornado like effect on another Sim. It attacks the other Sim and gives them the “Dazzed” buff.


  • Runes: Dark, Order, Energy
  • This spell will give the Sim it was cast on a “Terrified” buff.


  • Runes: Dark, Order, Fire
  • This spell in The Sims Medieval can be used for evil. It gives the target Sim a severe sickness, such as the plague.


  • Runes: Air, Light, Chaos
  • This spell will cut back on walking time for the wizard. With this spell, you can click anywhere in the Kingdom and teleport there.

Beacon of Hope

  • Runes: Light, Energy, Chaos
  • This spell will eliminate having to do those annoying Kingdom responsibilities. The wizard can cast this on another hero or on themselves.

The Sims Medieval Wizard Performing Spell


  • Runes: Dark, Chaos, Force
  • This spell will make the targeted Sim fall asleep for two hours.


  • Runes: Fire, Energy, Chaos
  • This spell will give the targeted Sim a very serious magical wound.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

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