The Ultimate The Sims Medieval Hero Guide

The Ultimate The Sims Medieval Hero Guide
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The Sims Medieval Hero Guide

In “The Sims 3 Medieval” you can only play as the heroes. Other Sims in the Kingdom are not playable at all, even if you marry another Sim or have a baby, you can’t play as them. This is what makes this game much different from other “The Sims” titles.

In this The Sims Medieval hero guide will go through the basics of the different playable Sims in the Kingdom. The different heroes have unique interactions that they can perform and also use certain objects in the game that other heroes may not be able to use. Performing these actions and using these objects will give your hero experience points to help them level up.

The Sims Medieval Hero Guide - Buildings

In order to have access to a certain type of hero Sim, you will need to place the building that is associated with that specific hero. You need to have enough RP to buy these buildings for your Kingdom. Once you place the building, you can create the hero associated with it.



  • Hero: Knight
  • Aspect Capacity Increase: gives +4 security



  • Hero: Physician
  • Aspect Capacity Increase: gives +4 well-being

The Sims Medieval Jacoban Priest Church Building

Jacoban Cathedral

  • Hero: Jacoban Priest
  • Aspect Capacity Increase: gives +1 knowledge and +3 culture


  • Hero: Merchant
  • Aspect Capacity Increase: gives +1 culture, +2 knowledge and +2 well-being

Peteran Monastery

  • Hero: Peteran Priest
  • Aspect Capacity Increase: gives +1 security and +3 culture

The Sims Medieval Peteran Monastary


Spy Quarters

  • Hero: Spy
  • Aspect Capacity Increase: gives +4 security


  • Hero: Bard
  • Aspect Capacity Increase: gives +1 well-being, +2 culture and +2 knowledge

The Sims Medieval Clinic and Wizard’s Tower

Wizard’s Tower

  • Hero: Wizard
  • Aspect Capacity Increase: gives +4 knowledge

There are other buildings that you can place in your Kingdom that are not associated with a hero and are used for decorating your Kingdom and giving them new places to go to and give your Kingdom some aspect capacity increases. These include the Kingball Court, Lighthouse, Mill and the Watcher Pavilion.

Heroes in The Sims Medieval - Professions

All of the professions in the game earns a daily base income. See below for more information on each of the professions with this The Sims Medieval hero guide.

The Sims Medieval Bard Performing Play


The Sims Medieval Bard is able to write and perform plays and poetry as well as play the lute for a large audience. They can use the stage at the tavern and earn many Simoles for doing so. They are able to gather inspiration from their surroundings and even from other Sims.


This hero makes all of the armor and weapons in the Kingdom. The forge and anvil comes with the building and is ready to use from level 1. The blacksmith is able to mine for the ingredients or they can purchase them from a shop.

Jacoban Priest

The Sims Medieval Jacoban Priest is the head of the Jacoban faith. They want to instill a sense of fear in the Kingdom so they join their faith and fear the Watcher. They can absolve Sims of their Sins and post proclamations that Sims will fear (or laugh at).


This hero guards the Kingdom and is able to hunt in the forest for meat, fight with other Sims, and helps to take care of the beast at the Judgment Zone. Their building also comes with the training yard where they can practice fighting and help to train others.


The Sims Medieval Merchant is in charge of the Kingdom’s market. From their stalls they sell items that they have purchased at the Village Shoppe or traded for with other Kingdoms. They can bribe other Sims to buy, butter them up and hustle them to make sales.

The Sims Medieval Monarch 3


The ruler of the Kingdom is the Monarch and is one of the heroes in The Sims Medieval that many love to play as. This could be a King or a Queen. They set how the Kingdom is run and interact with other Sims of foreign royalty. They have the largest amount of space in a building and can really benefit from using The Sims Medieval cheats to decorate it as nicely as possible.

Peteran Priest

This priest is in charge of the Peteran faith which is also available for your Kingdom. You can place both of the churches to have both faiths in your Kingdom, or you can choose one or none at all. The Sims Medieval Peteran Priest wants to be popular with his congregation and does not use the fear tactic to have people practice the faith.


The doctor or healer of the Kingdom is The Sims Medieval Physician. They can gather herbs and leeches to use for medicine and to treat Sims of injury, infection and disease. They are also able to perform surgery on the operating table.

The Sims Medieval Wizard Performing Spell


The Sims Medieval Spy is similar to the Knight, but much sneakier and perhaps a bit less liked by the Sims in the Kingdom. They are able to pickpocket and aren’t usually very friendly with random Sims in the Kingdom. They are also able to craft poisons to poison other Sims.


The Sims Medieval Wizard is highly skilled in magic and can perform spells to use on other Sims, meditate to regenerate their energy, craft potions and much more.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

Screenshots provided by the writer.