The Sims Medieval Wizard Guide

The Sims Medieval Wizard

The Sims Medieval Clinic and Wizard's Tower

The Wizard hero Sim in “The Sims 3 Medieval” is highly skilled in magic and the arcane arts. They are able to learn spells, meditate, scry and even create potions in their Wizard’s tower.

To gain The Sims Medieval Wizard, you will need to place the Wizard’s Tower into your Kingdom (if you have enough points). This building is in the “Knowledge” district and is actually right next to the clinic. This building has three levels to the tower that you can decorate as you see fit.

Special Abilities

The Sims Medieval Wizard

The heroes in “The Sims Medieval” each have their own unique special abilities that they can perform. They are also able to use certain objects to help them advance and earn experience points.


The Sims Medieval Wizard hero uses the archives, arcane tome and the crafting table.


The magical Wizard is able to go mining for minerals and gems to use in their potion making. They are also able to gather and collect herbs for their potions. Some potions require both types of materials, so it is quite beneficial to mine and harvest whenever you pass a rock or plant that can be collected.


This hero uses the crafting table to craft the potions from the minerals, gems and herbs that they collected or purchased. You can use the potions for your hero, use in quests and also sell them for extra Simoles, all of which will give your hero experience points.


The Sims Medieval Wizard Meditating

The wizard can research at the archives for some easy experience points and is also often a daily responsibility for the hero. Another easy way to earn experience points is to scry with the arcane tome. You can also use this object to learn spells. Once your hero learns a spell they can use it, but they can only have so many on hand at each time to use. To learn a new spell, you’d have to then forget an old one. You can always learn it again later though, so it isn’t really a big issue.


The Sims Medieval Wizard is also able to meditate to regain their energy. This is a bit quicker than sleeping, and looks pretty cool too.

Making Money

The Sims Medieval cheats make playing the game much easier. Using these gives you an ample amount of money to decorate your hero’s building and spend at the market. Heroes also earn money the old fashioned way, which are shown below for The Sims Medieval hero Wizard.


The Sims Medieval Wizard Mining

Daily Income – the daily income is money that your hero will earn each day. The higher level The Sims Medieval hero Wizard is, the more money they will earn each day.


Collecting Herbs and Mining – wizards use the herbs, minerals and gems to create potions and staves. You can also sell these base ingredients at the market for Simoles.


Crafting – with this hero you can craft potions to use for yourself, use on quests and also sell for a large profit at the market. Once the wizard reaches level 5, your hero can forge staves. No need to buy a Forge though, just use the one at the Blacksmith’s building.

Hero Wizard – Level Progression

In “The Sims Medieval Limited Edition” a hero’s max level is 10. As a hero levels up they earn more money per day and will also unlock bonuses and new special abilities. The Sims Medieval hero Wizard’s level progression is shown below.


The Sims Medieval Wizard Collecting Herbs

Level 1

  • Experience Points Required: none, this is the starting level
  • Daily Income Earned: 33
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: unlocks the spells Growth, Magic Arrow and Spirit Thief.


Level 2

  • Experience Points Required: 1,000
  • Daily Income Earned: 38
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: none.


Level 3

  • Experience Points Required: 2,200
  • Daily Income Earned: 41
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: none.


The Sims Medieval Wizard Crafting a Potion

Level 4

  • Experience Points Required: 3,600
  • Daily Income Earned: 53
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: none.


Level 5

  • Experience Points Required: 5,200
  • Daily Income Earned: 71
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: unlocks the spells Ghostly Music, Mend, Miasma and Telepathy. Also gives new potion recipes and can make staves at a Forge.


Level 6

  • Experience Points Required: 7,000
  • Daily Income Earned: 99
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: none.


The Sims Medieval Wizard Researching

Level 7

  • Experience Points Required: 9,000
  • Daily Income Earned: 143
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: none.


Level 8

  • Experience Points Required: 11,200
  • Daily Income Earned: 214
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: new staves available to make at the Forge.


Level 9

  • Experience Points Required: 13,600
  • Daily Income Earned: 331
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: new staves available to make at the Forge.


The Sims Medieval Wizard Performing Spell 2

Level 10

  • Experience Points Required: 16,200
  • Daily Income Earned: 529
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: unlocks the spells Inferno, Sleep and Teleport. Also unlocks new recipes for potions.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

Screenshots provided by the writer.