Guide to Everything New in The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles Expansion Pack

Guide to Everything New in The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles Expansion Pack
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The Sims Medieval

If you like The Sims style of games, then The Sims Medieval would be a fun game for you to try out. This is a standalone game, so it isn’t required to have The Sims 3 to play this version of the game.

The Sims Medieval is also quite different from the regular The Sims games because it allows the players to only play the game as heroes, and they must complete quests in the Kingdom to advance through the game. The Kingdom is yours to control, so how you decide to play it, is fully up to you.

The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles Expansion Pack

The first expansion pack for The Sims Medieval is about “Pirates and Nobles.” This is quite a diverse add on to the game because they don’t really seem to fit well together. The two different styles are quite obvious, and they only thing that they really have in common is that there were both nobles and pirates in the setting that this game takes place in.

The expansion adds in new quests, clothing options, and objects that are all centered around the new pirate and noble theme. Is it worth it though? This guide to everything new in The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles expansion pack will hopefully help you to decide if this expansion is worth purchasing or not.

New Ambition, Achievements, and Quests

The new Ambition for the expansion can be found at the top right corner of where the Ambitions are listed. It is called “Peacemaker” and in it you will try to bring peace between the Pirates of Aarbyville and the Guild Consortium of Tredony. To finish the Ambition at Platinum level, you’ll need to finish 10 of the War Quests at Platinum level, and end the war.

The Sims Medival P&N Sword Fight

There is also a new Watcher Achievement for Pirates & Nobles. You start out as a “Landlubber” and advance as you complete things in the game with the expansion pack by completing tasks. Such tasks include: digging holes, surviving the pit beast while treasure hunting, perform secret pirate handshakes, have your bird attack others, have heroes marry pirates, tickle other Sims, and many more.

The new quests added to the game are fun, but they aren’t really any better or worse than the quests that are already in the game. I thought that more quests would have been included with the expansion, but not that many were incorporated. Even in the new Ambition, not all of the quests were new. Many were the same as from the base game.

With all of the new things to do, it really does give The Sims Medieval more playable content in the game, and makes it not so repetitive when playing.

New Clothing and Makeup

The Sims Medieval Pirates and Noble new armor Screenshot

The new clothing that was added with this expansion pack is actually quite nice. There isn’t a shop such as in The Sims 3 online store for this game, so this is really the first new clothing that your Sims in the game can wear (with the exception of in-game clothing unlocks from the Limited Edition version of the game and the guide book).

The new types of clothing options are centered on the nobility and pirate themes. Both types are highly detailed and are a nice change to spicing up your Sim’s outfits in the game. The clothing is also able to be modified to change the color used with them, so no two Sims in the Kingdom have to dress exactly alike.

The new makeup that was also added really gives you the chance to customize your Sims like never before allowed in this game. I really like the types of makeup that was added, and this is almost as good as all of the new clothing additions for me.

New Items

The Sims Medival P&N Pet Falcon

Over 140 new pirate and nobility themed items were added in with the expansion. All of the new items are pirate themed or are nobility themed. There are new items in each new category, and this can give your Kingdoms a new look and feel if you choose to use them.

Sims can now have a pet bird that they can send to attack others or go hunting for them. This is a really cool new feature, and if you want, all of your heroes can have pet birds. This is probably the coolest new “item” that was added.

Overall Rating

The Sims Medival P&N Pirate Throne

Overall, I think that The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles is an expansion worth buying. It adds in enough new content to make the game playable again, and not quite as repetitive. If you enjoy this type of simulation gaming, and already have the base game, this addition will more than likely make you want to play the game again. However, if you don’t have the base game, this expansion wouldn’t be enough to make you want to buy the games just to play it.

I hope that this guide to everything new in The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles expansion pack helped you make up your mind on buying (or not buying) this expansion for the game. Happy Simming!