Sims Medieval Sacred Scrutiny Walkthrough

Sims Medieval Sacred Scrutiny Walkthrough
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The Jacoban church earns its influence by balancing on that fine line between fear and respect. It requires that flawless appearances be kept, and naysayers rightfully cowed. To make sure the church in your kingdom is keeping these holy tenants, an inquisitor decides to drop by and perform a surprise inspection. Don’t worry, I’ll get you through this! For the price of two quest points, the aptly named “Sacred Scrutiny” quest will reward you with 40 RP for your kingdom, 1,400 simoles and 2,400 XP for your Jacoban priest, and a boost to your kingdom’s cultural aspect.

Nobody Expects the Jacoban Inquisition!

To begin the quest, you’ll need to speak with your very distraught looking attendant.

Luckily, they live in the church with you, so you won’t have to go far! Ask them why they look so worried, and they’ll inform you a very

Your purpleness!

serious looking Inquisitor has come and asked to see you right away. It’s generally not a good idea to keep Inquisitor’s waiting, so head out to meet her as soon as you’re ready. She won’t be quite as close at hand as your attendant, but thanks to her complete head to toe purple get-up, she’s extremely hard to miss. Keep in mind that this part can be bugged. When you get close to the inquisitor, a new pop up should come up in the upper right hand corner. If it doesn’t you’ll probably have to reload. Ask what the inquisitor wants, and she’ll tell you to follow you through town, past the pit, and eventually back to your cathedral. In the town square, some milky-eyed knave will mock you. Make a note of who this person is! We’ll need this information later.

The Surprise Inspection

Endless ladderless pools await ye unfaithful!

Once you’ve returned to the cathedral, ask the inquisitor for her thoughts. She’ll invite you to give a sermon, so she can really see your stuff. Set a sermon time at your pulpit. You can set it for eight AM, 1 PM, 6 PM, or 11 PM. When it’s time for your sermon, get up there and make it count! After the sermon, as the inquisitor what she thought. She’ll express great disappointment with you, your sermon, and your church, and ask you to help her pray so she might divine a way for you to repent. Assist the inquisitor with her prayers, and she’ll tell you that in order to redeem yourself you must perform three tasks. You must convert more followers, bless the cathedral, and find a sacred relic for the church. No pressure.

Converting the Followers and Blessing the Church

Let’s start with the easy ones. You’ll need to convert five new followers to the Jacoban church in order to satisfy the inquisitor. This is just a

Join us or you and your offspring shall spend an eternity in ladderless pools.

matter of tracking down five lost souls and using your priestly powers of persuasion to bring them into the flock. Next you’ll need to bless your church. Holy water requires two ingredients: one flask of consecrated well water, and one pinch of dehydrated holy water. The dehydrated holy water is easy, just head to the village shoppe and pay twenty-five simoles for it. The other ingredient requires you to consecrate a well successfully, and then draw water from it. Take the ingredients to a cooking pot to mix them and create a batch of holy water. Bless three items in your church with it, and you’ll really begin to feel holy and fresh!

The Holy Relic

I demand you give me my holy relic!

The relic is a little harder to track down. You’ll need to reflect on the watcher just to get the ball rolling. After a bit of praying, you’ll be inspired to find somebody who actively dislikes the Jacoban church. Track down the person who mocked you in front of the inquisitor earlier. Most likely they’re “somebody” the carpenter, and they’re probably still hanging around where you last saw them. Ask about the relic and they’ll just laugh and make a comment about heading off to drink.

Even absolution is sort of scary with Jacobans.

It’s time to switch tactics. If we’re going to get this guy to cooperate, we’ll need to try to be more friendly. Head to the tavern and serve him an ale. He’s still suspicious, but you can tell he’s cracking a little. Keep chatting with him until the two of you become friends, and he’ll confide in you some more. Ask him what’s wrong and he’ll beg for redemption. Convert him if you haven’t already, and bring him back to the cathedral. At the cathedral, hear his confession and he’ll give you a mysterious skull given to him by a dying traveler in his youth. Absolve him at your pulpit and his redemption will be complete.

Another Inspection

Do you have any idea how overworked I am?!

It’s time to track down the inquisitor again so she can see all the good work you’ve done. Tell her you’re ready for another inspection, and she’ll ask you to follow her back towards the cathedral again. This time your buddy the carpenter will thank you right in the middle of the town square! At the cathedral, show the inquisitor the skull you’ve been given. She’ll identify it as the Skull of Davius, a holy relic suitable for your freshly blessed cathedral. All that’s left is to give one last sermon. Hear the inquisitor’s final appraisal, and your quest is complete! Congratulations!


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval. Screenshots provided by the writer.