The Monarch’s Guide to The Sims Medieval Edicts to Propose and Pass

The Monarch’s Guide to The Sims Medieval Edicts to Propose and Pass
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The Sims Medieval Edicts

The Sims Medieval Monarch hero is the main Sim that is able to propose and pass edicts. The other hero that is also able to do this is the Spy. This special interaction is done by using the “Tactical Map” object that can be found in the throne room at the castle (usually found on the left side of the room). This object is also used to practice military strategy and view the political situation in the world.

Edicts are used to interact with the Kingdom’s neighboring territories by passing these laws. Each one that is proposed and passed will either positively or negatively affect one or more territories. Unless you want to fully annex your Kingdom from a certain territory, it is best to keep a close eye on which The Sims Medieval edicts you propose and pass in relation to what they do for their loyalty to your Kingdom.

Propose and Pass Edicts

The Sims Medieval Spy proposing edict

To propose an edict, you will need to be using the monarch or spy hero in your Kingdom. Then, go to the throne room in the castle and use the tactical map to “Propose an Edict.” You will have an option of three edicts that you can propose for a vote.

There are a number of edicts that the monarch and The Sims Medieval spy heroes are able to propose using the tactical map in the castle. These edicts usually have a waiting time of two hours before the leaders actually vote on it. If you are in a rush, you can go ahead and call for a vote on the edict early. If you want to view the status of where the others voting are currently considering voting, you can “Monitor Edict Support.” This will help if you want to pass an edict. If you don’t vote with the side that wins or it is a draw, it isn’t counted as a passed edict for your daily responsibility or towards your achievements.

The Sims Medieval propose an edict

When your hero votes on an edict, you can scroll over the nation’s name on that edict to see how voting this way will affect the loyalty that nation has towards your Kingdom. Some of the edicts have a big sway, so be sure to carefully consider this before you vote on an edict.

To gather support for an edict, you can try to bribe the foreign Sims that are voting on The Sims Medieval edict to vote your way. This influence only lasts for a short amount of time though, so it is best to “Call for a Vote” soon after bribing the foreign official for the other nation.


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