The Sims Medieval Death Guide for Heroes

The Sims Medieval Death Guide for Heroes
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The Sims Medieval

The hero Sims in “The Sims Medieval” can get injured and sick from performing tasks required for their quests and also while performing certain actions around the Kingdom. Just interacting with and being around sick Sims can cause your Sim to become infected, and without a local Physician hero, it can take a while for them to recover. If this concerns you, keep reading to find out the ways that your Sims can experience dying in “The Sims Medieval.”

The Sims Medieval Death

Hero Sims do not die as easily as regular Sims in the game, but they are quite vulnerable to death and can die in a few ways. Heroes don’t die from sickness or from the use of The Sims Medieval spells cast by the Wizard hero. Magical potions are used to combat the effects of the spells or sickness by lowering the amount of time the hero suffers from it, but they won’t die from it.

Death by Sword

The Monarch, Knight or Spy Heroes that really have it out for another Sim and want to see them die can challenge another Sim to a duel to the death. The winner of the fight lives and the loser dies.

Death by Injury

Sims that jump into the Pit Beast’s lair and are not a high level have a rather large chance of dying from injury. Sims that are sent to the Pit Beast for punishment also have a seriously large chance of never returning as well.

During some excursions into the forest or other areas, a Sim could be so badly injured that they die too. If one of The Sims Medieval children goes into the forest, they have a chance of being attacked by a bear and they will die from such an attack. Children aren’t simple injured from the attack and sent back home, they just die and are presumably eaten by the bear.

Death by Starvation

All heroes are able to have The Sims Medieval death occur by starvation, so it is essential that you feed your heroes. Depending on the type of fireplace you use, you can make free gruel or bread so there is really no excuse in killing off your Sims due to hunger.

The Grim Reaper

The Sims Medieval death and the Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper NPC appears in “The Sims Medieval” to take away Sims that died in the Kingdom. They can’t barter with them in this game to prolong dying though. If you see the Grim Reaper, know that a Sim has died and will not be returning to the Kingdom ever again.

My Hero Died, Now What?

If your hero dies, the current quest that you are on will end and the QP that was used for the quest is lost forever. You will have to make a new hero for the building and start them over at level 1 again (unless you have a prior save you want to work from to try again).

All of the hero’s personal objects are lost. All of the customization you did on the Sim and the hero’s building are also lost. If you spend much time making all of these customizations, it is a good idea to routinely save your game so you don’t have to spend all of the time recovering those adjustments again.

Are there Ghosts in The Sims Medieval?

Unfortunately (as of now anyways) there are no playable The Sims Medieval ghosts for the game. With the huge popularity of The Sims 3 ghosts, it is possible that they may change this if there is an expansion pack or upgrade that addresses this in the future. There is a cemetery and a cave by it, so there is potential for this to be added, even if it is just seeing the ghosts in the graveyard at night and getting spooked by them.


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