The Sims Medieval Children Guide

The Sims Medieval Children Guide
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Have a Baby in The Sims Medieval

Once your Sim is in love with another Sim and they find your hero to be “extremely irresistible” they can get married and have some Medieval fun WooHooing in their bed. Since it is much easier for Sims to get pregnant in “The Sims Medieval” as opposed to “The Sims 3” it is actually quite easy to have a baby in this game. Basically, if your Sim has WooHoo with a Sim of the opposite sex, they have a large chance of getting pregnant (even if not married to the other Sim).

The process of the pregnancy is short and only lasts for two days in game. Once the female Sim has the baby, they will need to feed it and cuddle with it often. You don’t have the option of picking any of The Sims Medieval children’s traits. The traits seem to be randomly distributed to the kids. You do get to pick the name for the child, but that is about it.

After three days, the baby becomes a child and you can now do a little bit more with them.

The Sims Medieval Children

The Sims Medieval child and mother

The kids in the game are quite independent and roam around the Kingdom at will. They don’t have a bedtime and you don’t control them. They interact with other Sims on their own and can even play with other children in the game by having a swordfight.

The Sims Medieval children are not controllable by you as a player (same with the Sim your hero marries) so you don’t really have to worry too much about them. They do their own thing so you can focus on your daily responsibilities and quest.

You can send your child to The Sims Medieval Village Shoppe to buy items for you. This can save your hero quite a lot of time, so use them when you can for this. After they come back, you can click on them and select “View Inventory” and just move the items into your hero’s inventory. It is nice to interact with them after they return from the shop so they feel like you care about them though. Nobody likes being used as a shop mule!

The Sims Medieval child

Kids can also go exploring in the forest. They can bring home a gift for you, such as meat that they found. This is a more risky way for your kids to bring items home though because they can be attacked and killed by bears in the forest. If you have a good relationship with your child and don’t want to see them killed, do not send them out to the forest.

Note: A hero can have more than two The Sims 3 Medieval children living with them at a time. This can be tricky because of the small living space and positioning beds for all of the children. So, think about that before having your Sims WooHoo all the time.


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