The Sims Medieval Knight Guide

The Sims Medieval Knight

The Sims Medieval Knight Barracks Building

The Knight hero Sim in “The Sims 3 Medieval” is the Sim that is the protector of the Kingdom and are highly trained in all aspects of combat. They aren’t someone that your Sim should challenge to a duel or even spar with – unless you have health salves or are on your way to the town Physician anyways.

To gain The Sims Medieval Knight, you will need to place the Barracks into your Kingdom (if you have enough points to do so). This is in the “Royal Ridge” district and is actually on one wing of the castle. When you do add the Barracks, you will also gain the Training Yard where your Knight can practice and train others.

Special Abilities

The heroes in “The Sims Medieval” each have special abilities that only they can do. They also are able to use special items that they can interact with.


The Sims Medieval Knight hero uses the tactical map and the training dummy.


The Sims Medieval Knight

The Knight is able to go hunting in the forest, which is one of the few heroes with the ability to do so. Unless your hero is on a specific quest, you can’t dictate what they hunt and bring home. If your hero has on an upgraded armor and uses a better sword, their chance of obtaining better meats is higher. If their focus is high, the chances of success are higher as well.


Knights enjoy sword fighting and can fight with other Sims or practice on the training dummy. Each of these interactions will give the Knight experience points to help them level up faster. If fighting with another Sim, you can choose to “Spar” “Duel” or “Duel to the Death.” Be careful with which one you choose!


The Sims Medieval Knight doesn’t use the Knights of the Round Table, but they do us the tactical map, and that is round. With this item, you are able to view the political situation of the Kingdom and also practice military strategy. This also gives the hero experience points.

Making Money

If you use The Sims Medieval cheats it is much easier (and quicker) to decorate your Sim’s building and also to spend on them when shopping at the market or village shop. If you don’t want to use these money cheats though, you can earn it the old fashioned way too.


Daily Income – the daily income is money that your hero will earn each day. The higher level The Sims Medieval hero Knight is, the more money they will earn each day.


Hunting – you can hunt in the forest and then sell the meat.


Threaten Sims for Money – this isn’t such a good way to generate income because you’ll lose friends, but it will possibly give your Sim some money (if the Sim doesn’t fight back and defeat you).

Level Progression

In “The Sims Medieval Limited Edition” heroes are only able to reach level 10. Once a hero reaches this level, they earn more money each day and also for performing their special abilities that would earn them extra money. The Sims Medieval hero Knight’s level progression is shown below.


The Sims Medieval Knight Living Quarters

Level 1

  • Experience Points Required: none, this is the starting level
  • Daily Income Earned: 30
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: none


Level 2

  • Experience Points Required: 1,000
  • Daily Income Earned: 36
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: gives increased fighting skills and “Restful Dance” stance.


Level 3

  • Experience Points Required: 2,200
  • Daily Income Earned: 45
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: gives increased fighting skills and “Whirling Takedown” fighting move.


The Sims Medieval Knight Practicing Military Strategy

Level 4

  • Experience Points Required: 3,600
  • Daily Income Earned: 58
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: gives increased fighting skills and “Steeled Defence” stance.


Level 5

  • Experience Points Required: 5,200
  • Daily Income Earned: 78
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: gives increased fighting skills and “Furious Onslaught” stance and “Mortal Blow” move.


Level 6

  • Experience Points Required: 7,000
  • Daily Income Earned: 109
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: gives increased fighting skills.


The Sims Medieval Swordfighting

Level 7

  • Experience Points Required: 9,000
  • Daily Income Earned: 158
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: gives increased fighting skills and “True Striking” stance.


Level 8

  • Experience Points Required: 11,200
  • Daily Income Earned: 237
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: gives increased fighting skills.


Level 9

  • Experience Points Required: 13,600
  • Daily Income Earned: 367
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: gives increased fighting skills.


Level 10

  • Experience Points Required: 16,200
  • Daily Income Earned: 587
  • Benefits and/or Unlocks: gives increased fighting skills.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

Screenshots provided by the writer.