Guide to The Sims Medieval Marry and getting Married

Guide to The Sims Medieval Marry and getting Married
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Romance in The Sims Medieval

When playing with your heroes in “The Sims Medieval” you can interact with the other Sims in the Kingdom to form friendships and have romances. You don’t have to just follow the quest line, though that is of course something that you have to do too.

The previous “Sims” games in the series are different in this sense from “The Sims Medieval.” Marrying other Sims can be somewhat trickier, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll probably want all of your hero Sims to fall in love and tie the knot in this game too.

The Sims Medieval – Marry Your Sweetheart

To get married in “The Sims Medieval” you will need to find the lucky Sim that you want your hero to marry. Once you have selected this special Sim, see if your hero and that Sim like one another. To do this, have positive friendly interactions with them and keep it all on the positive side.

Once you have formed a friendship with the Sim, try out some of the romantic interactions with the Sim. Start out with trying to “Woo” the Sim or “Bestow Favor.” If the Sim is receptive, they will find your Sim to be “Flirty.” Continue having romantic interactions with your new love interest and eventually you will be able to court the Sim and then ask for their hand in marriage.

The Sims Medieval officiator coming down from sky

If the Sim says yes to your proposal, you are engaged and can now get married at a local church or at any location in the Kingdom. To get married at the location, use The Sims Medieval messenger post and invite your loved one to the location where you want the wedding to take place. The Sim (if not busy) will gladly go to the location you have chosen. Once you meet up, you can select the romantic interaction to get married there.

The Sims Medieval wedding at watchers bluff

The Sims Medieval wedding is not a big event, so don’t expect all of their friends to show up for the celebration. It is something just shared between the two lovebirds really. Once you select to get married, the “Officiator” will fall down from the sky and start the wedding. The couple exchanges rings and some words to one another and then they kiss. After the ceremony is over, the couple heads home so you can celebrate by having some WooHoo.

Start a Family

The Sims Medieval cuddling on bed

After your newlyweds have WooHoo, they might get pregnant. It is always a big chance in this game that your Sim can get pregnant from having WooHoo. So, after a few times, the couple should be pregnant.

The female Sim is pregnant for two in-game days and is then sent home to have the baby. The baby needs constant attention by feeding and cuddling. This also raises the long term relationship with the baby’s parents rather quickly though.

The Sims Medieval child and mother

After three days, the baby grows up and becomes a child. This is the oldest that the child will become in the game. Heroes can have more than two children, but do not seem to have twins or triplets.

The Sim that your hero marries (unless it is another hero) isn’t controllable by you. The children that your hero has are also uncontrollable by you. They are independent but are helpful to your hero. Children are able to go to The Sims Medieval Village Shoppe for your Sim, and this helps to save time when questing.


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