The Sims Medieval Messenger Posts and Mail Guide

The Sims Medieval Messenger Posts and Mail Guide
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The Sims Medieval Messenger Posts

There are no mailboxes in “The Sims Medieval” and also no cellphones, or phones at all. This is Medieval times here, so instead of mail carriers, you will see pigeons used to carry letters with the use of The Sims Medieval messenger posts around the Kingdom.

The interactions available with this object include:

Pay Taxes – this is often a daily responsibility for the heroes. Unless you enjoy paying money to the Kingdom each day, only do this when you are instructed to do so for your daily responsibility for the Kingdom.

Invite Sim to Location – you can invite a Sim over to a location by using this.


Send Personal Letter and Invite Sim Over – you can send a letter to a Sim by using this type of The Sims Medieval messenger posts option. It doesn’t always end up to be a good letter, and sometimes is delivered to a Sim you didn’t mean to send it to. Usually it does help slow the rate of the relationship decay though.

Donate Money – some Sims can donate money for a good cause. If you have the extra Simoles through being rich, such as using The Sims Medieval cheats, go ahead and donate some extra money and receive the positive Focus from doing it.

If you are having a hard time finding one of these posts, just locate the town square or the castle. The messenger posts at those locations are easy to find and often are places that your hero will venture to in the course of the day anyways. Most of the hero buildings do have the messaging posts near their building though. Locate the closest one to your hero’s building when you start playing with that hero so you know where they are at. If you still can’t find one, locate the ones suggested above until you can find the one that is near your hero’s building.

Spies Robbing The Sims Medieval Messenger Posts

The Sims Medieval Spy Sent to Stocks

Once The Sims Medieval Spy hero reaches level five, they have the ability to rob The Sims Medieval messenger posts. They can go around the Kingdom and steal from all of the posts. Just be sure to be stealthy when doing this interaction because if another Sim happens to see you, your hero could be sent to the Stocks at the Judgment Zone… or fed to the beast! Neither of those are worth the amount of Simoles that your Spy would steal from the Kingdom’s messaging posts. If you want to take the risk with your hero, be sure to have a supply of the best health salves you can afford to take care of your injuries.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

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