The Sims Medieval WooHoo Guide for Sims in Love

The Sims Medieval WooHoo Guide for Sims in Love
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Romance in The Sims Medieval

Sims in love is a very sweet thing to witness as the Watcher. You can direct Sims to fall in love and start their very own family. However, if you pick the wrong interactions, you could detrimentally ruin their chances of having a romantic connection with the Sim you want your hero to fall in love with. This can always be fixed, but could sometimes take much longer than you thought.

To start a romance in “The Sims Medieval” you first need to pick out a Sim for your hero to fall in love with. This can be a NPC in the Kingdom or even another hero. The Sim can be of the opposite sex or the same sex (same sex couples cannot have children though).

Once you have selected a lucky Sim, you need to have your hero interact with them to build a friendship. You can’t just go in and start advancing kisses on a Sim you barely know. Once you have a friendship, it is easier to start flirting with the other Sim and woo them. Flattery really does get your Sim everywhere, so continue advancing romantic interactions. Don’t try to go in for a kiss, courtship, The Sims Medieval woohoo or marriage too soon though. Most Sims don’t like such advances too quickly and both Sims will be left with negative moodlets showing it.

Once your Sim has a high enough relationship with the other Sim and they are receiving their romantic interactions in a positive way, go ahead and have your first kiss. From there, you can do more things such as kiss passionately and much more.

Tip: Don’t do too much too soon or your Sim might be left pregnant and alone!

The Sims Medieval WooHoo

In “The Sims” series, “WooHoo” is the word given for when Sims jump into the bed and have sex. It is really innocent enough as this is a game aimed for kids, teens and adults. You don’t see anything except the Sims jump into the bed, see them move around under the covers, and hearts float down on the bed around them. It is very similar to The Sims 3 WooHoo.

Babies and Children

The Sims Medieval baby

Unlike in “The Sims 3” though, there is no option for “Try for Baby” when having The Sims Medieval WooHoo. It just happens. Most of the time when a Sim has sex with a Sim of the opposite sex, you can go ahead and expect your Sim to get pregnant. Sims do not have to be married to get pregnant. So, don’t make the mistake in being promiscuous unless you want to raise the child on your own (there aren’t even The Sims Medieval cheats to help with keeping needs static to help with this).

You do not control the Sim that you marry (unless it is another hero) or the children that you raise in this game. You can send a child to the Village Shoppe and into the forest to go on errands for you, but doing so can put them in danger.


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