Monarch’s Guide to The Sims Medieval Throne Room

Monarch’s Guide to The Sims Medieval Throne Room
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The Sims Medieval – Monarch Hero

The Monarch hero Sim in “The Sims Medieval” is the first hero that you will play as in the Kingdom. They are the hero that comes with the Castle building which is the basis for the realm you control. It is also the building with the largest space that you get to control and decorate when playing as this Sim. The first floor contains The Sims Medieval throne room and the upstairs is the three bedroom living quarters. Depending on the style and traits of your King or Queen, you can decorate these areas to reflect the monarch you are controlling.

The monarch hero is able to use special items that not all of the other Sims can use, such as the throne, scribe table, and tactical map. They are also able to propose and pass edicts, hold court, go hunting in the forest, swordfight, punish Sims by sending them to the stocks or to the Pit Beast, and more. This is one profession that you should really get acquainted with when playing this simulation game because it is often used in quests and is the first hero you will use in each new Kingdom you start.

The Sims Medieval Throne Room at the Castle

The Sims Medieval Monarch hero is the only Sim in the Kingdom that controls the Throne Room. All of the Sims can visit it, but only this Sim can use it. It is able to be decorated in different themes and can always be changed later by adding better items or customizing it further in the “Buy Mode.” Having a nice variety of expensive items also gives a positive buff for Sims that are in the room, so this is a good idea to do as soon as you can.

The Sims Medieval Throne Room

The Throne Room must have the throne in the center area when Sims enters the castle. This can inspire awe or fear. The actual throne is used only by the monarch to hold court and listen to the commoner’s petitions for the royal hero. Each of these petitions will have two options that you can choose from. The one that costs the monarch money will increase their reputation in the Kingdom. However, this can be rather pricey if you opt to select this option every time. If you do this, be sure to use The Sims Medieval cheats so you have plenty of money to spend on these petitions.

The Sims Medieval monarch items

The room located to the left of where the throne is can be used for the Scribe Table and Tactical Map. These are objects that the monarch uses to write new laws, write royal documents, propose and pass edicts, view the political situation and practice military strategy either alone or with others.

The room located to the right of The Sims Medieval throne room is used as the kitchen and dining area.

You can of course always change up the location of certain areas in the castle and redecorate your castle how you see fit. Using the custom content editor for patterns and colors is also a great idea to make a truly customizable throne room for your game.

Tip – If you used the “Redeem Code” option with The Sims Medieval Limited Edition purchase, it will unlock complete throne rooms with three different themes including: Barbarian, Dark Magic, and Princess.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

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