The Sims Medieval Herbs Guide

The Sims Medieval Herbs Guide
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The Sims Medieval Herbs

In medieval times, herbs were used for many things ranging from medicine to potions to even poisons. It is fitting then that “The Sims 3 Medieval” uses the herbs that are gathered in the game by the specific heroes that can make such useful items.

Only the Wizard, Physician and the Spy heroes are able to collect all of The Sims Medieval herbs that can be found in the Kingdom. All of the heroes are able to gather wildflowers, but they are unable to “Discover” or “Collect” the other herbs used for the items that can be crafted by the other professions.

How to Gather Herbs in The Sims Medieval

The Sims Medieval Physician Gathering Herbs

When you first start your new game, all of the flowers or herbs will show up as just green bushes. Your heroes don’t need anything special to gather herbs or flowers. To find out what it is, you will need to have your hero “Discover” the flower or herb. It is best to do this with The Sims Medieval Wizard, Physician or Spy because they can discover the all of the herbs that are available in the Kingdom.

Once your hero has discovered the flower or herb, it is shown to all of your heroes in that game. Only the heroes that are able to “Collect” the herb or flower are able to do so, but it won’t show up as a green bush if it has been discovered already.

When your hero collects the herb, they will earn experience points and the flower or herb that they are collecting (it goes into the hero’s inventory). The hero can then use it for their crafting or to sell at a shop.

Tip: Make sure that your Focus level is high when discovering and collecting. The higher your focus is, the better the chance of collecting more herbs and not botching the attempt.

The Types of Herbs Available

When searching around the Kingdom with your The Sims Medieval heroes and discovering new types of herbs, you will come across quite a few. The list below gives all of the types of herbs and flowers you can collect in the game and also the base value that they are worth.

  • Angelweed – can’t sell this type of The Sims Medieval herbs

    The Sims Medieval Wizard Collecting Herbs

  • Belladonna – worth 12 Simoles

  • Blood Moss – worth 4 Simoles

  • Eaglewood – worth 14 Simoles

  • Grassweed – worth 6 Simoles

  • Lordleaf – worth 14 Simoles

  • Nightshade – worth 16 Simoles

  • Sagewort – worth 10 Simoles

  • Seeds – worth 2 Simoles

  • Valoroot – worth 10 Simoles

  • Wildflowers – worth 8 Simoles

The Blood Moss, Grassweed and Seeds are often found with the other types of herbs. For instance, if you are collecting Angelweed, you will also likely collect Blood Moss, Seeds or Grassweed to go with the Angelweed that you collect.

You can use this hobby as an extra source of income in the game and it may be so lucrative (with the use of crafting too) that you won’t even need to use The Sims Medieval cheats for extra money.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

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