The Sims Medieval Watcher Guide

The Sims Medieval Watcher Guide
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The Sims Medieval

In “The Sims Medieval” faith is a big part of life, if you want it to be. The two faiths that are available in the Kingdom can be added with The Sims Medieval Jacoban Priest and/or the Peteran Priest. They both worship the “Watcher” (and convince other Sims to do the same), but just who or what is this being?

The Sims Medieval Watcher

The Watcher is actually the player that is playing “The Sims Medieval.”

In the game, the “Watcher” is worshiped by the Sims and especially those who have the Jacoban and Peteran faiths. However, the faiths don’t believe that their Watcher acts the same way. The Jacoban church strongly believes that the Watcher is merciless and quite vengeful for Sims that doesn’t do what they should. The Peteran church believes that the Watcher is forgiving and loves all of the Sims in the realm.

The symbol that is used to represent the Watcher is the eye. You can see this when playing by the point of view called the “Watcher’s Eye” that you can use to view the Kingdom. It also shows up in objects used to decorate buildings.

As the “Eye in the Sky” for the Kingdom, you control the main aspects of how the game is played, so go ahead and live it up and have your Kingdom be the best place a Sim could ask for!

Watcher Achievements

As you play through the game and complete quests and Ambitions, you will earn achievement points for completing certain goals that is set for you to fulfill for these Watcher points. When you start the game, The Sims Medieval Watcher level is only at “Peepsmith.” When you reach the highest level of achievement, you will be a “Super Seer.”

The Sims Medieval Outfit for Monarch

There are over 100 different achievements for you to accomplish in the game. Some are quite easy and others you will need to adjust how you play to earn. You can see which achievements you have accomplished and which you still need to work on by viewing your “Achievement Book” that is shown in the Kingdom Mode. It is a good idea to plan ahead when playing so you will remember to instruct your heroes do the tasks required for the goals.

As you gain these achievement points, you will progress in The Sims Medieval Watcher levels and doing so will unlock new items for you to use in your game. These include new outfits for your Sims and also new objects and décor each level. If you want to unlock all of the items for your game, you will need to acquire 1,650 achievement points!


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

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