The Sims Medieval Baby Guide for Heroes

The Sims Medieval Baby Guide for Heroes
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The Sims Medieval Romance

Hero Sims in “The Sims Medieval” can have a romance with regular NPC Sims and also with other heroes in the Kingdom. Once they have courted their chosen lover, they can become a couple and get married. Even though you can’t control the other Sim you marry (unless it is another hero), they are quite helpful in raising The Sims Medieval baby you will undoubtedly conceive shortly after marriage.

One of the biggest social interaction differences between “The Sims 3” and “The Sims Medieval” is that in “The Sims 3” Sims has the option of trying for a baby when they have The Sims 3 WooHoo. This is very helpful because Sims don’t always want to get pregnant each time they have fun with their romantic partner in bed. However, in “The Sims Medieval” there is no such luxury of the option, probably because it was much easier to conceive back then. So, each time Sims WooHoo in this game, they have a large chance of getting pregnant.

The Sims Medieval Baby

When a female Sim gets pregnant in “The Sims Medieval” they are pregnant for two days. You can spot that the Sim is pregnant because they will start to feel nauseous and then have to throw-up. There aren’t any toilets really in the game, so usually they just vomit where they are. Other changes that you notice will be their belly starts to get larger and they have a hard time walking straight. The pregnant Sim will also have the negative buffs “Nauseated” and “Aching Back.”

When the Sim is ready to have the baby, they will head home (if not already there) and won’t be able to interact with other objects for a few hours before they give birth. You see them in pain and eventually they give birth to their baby and a baby carriage appears in their living space (usually by their own bed) and they are holding their newborn.

The Sims Medieval baby feeding

The baby doesn’t have to inherit any or all of their parent’s traits. They can inherit some, but it seems to just be by chance.

The mother is able to feed the baby by breastfeeding. No bottles in Medieval times! When the mother is feeding the baby, you see the chest area blocked out much like the naked Sims 3 nude blur.

The baby will cry often, and if your hero is in the building with the baby, they will receive a negative buff. Your hero and their other parent will have to cuddle the baby and feed it often, not just when it cries. Cuddling with the baby will give the positive buff “Smells Like a Baby.”

The Sims Medieval baby

The newborn is pretty demanding, but spending as much time with the baby as you can will help to raise the relationship level with the Sim before it becomes a child. The Sims Medieval baby grows into a child after only three days. Once the Sim is a child, they do not grow up further and they are not controllable by you. This is also a big difference from “The Sims 3.”


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