Harvest The Sims Medieval Angelweed Plant

Harvesting Plants in the Kingdom

All heroes can discover and harvest wildflowers that are found in the Kingdom. The more advanced plants can only be discovered and harvested by the Physician, Spy and Wizard heroes. These are The Sims Medieval herbs that are primarily used in crafting recipes by those heroes.

All of the plants available to be harvested in the Kingdom include: The Sims Medieval Angelweed, Belladonna, Blood Moss, Eaglewood, Grassweed, Lordleaf, Nightshade, Sagewort, Seeds, Valoroot, and Wildflowers.

When a hero harvests one of these plants, they will receive experience points and the collected herb can be found in the hero’s personal inventory. The better the hero’s focus level is, the better their chances are of collecting more herbs and not botching the job.

Angelweed – The Rarest Plant in the Kingdom

The Sims Medieval angelweed plant

Angelweed is so rare that you can’t buy this herb anywhere and once your hero collects it, they can’t even sell it to a shop. It is really quite priceless because of the items you can craft with it. You can however, sell those items that you craft.

Angelweed in “The Sims Medieval” can be found in a couple places around the grounds where the cathedrals would be placed. This is the easiest place to locate the plant, but it can also be found in a couple of other places in the Kingdom including behind where the Kingball court is placed and on the hill by the tavern. It is also found on the lower part of the hill by the path to the Forest.

To easily locate these herbs, use one of the heroes that can discover all of the plants, such as The Sims Medieval Physician early on in your game and go around the Kingdom and “Discover” all of the plants you come across. Rotate the point of view often so you can see the full view of where your hero is. Doing this step will help to make sure that you don’t miss any of the herbs that are under trees and not so easy to see from your regular point of view. If you spend a few days in-game doing this in-between working on your hero’s daily responsibilities and working on their quest, you should be able to uncover all of the plants in two to three days (game time).

Uses for Angelweed

The Sims Medieval angelweed is used by heroes to craft some of the best craftable items available for those heroes to make. Here are all of the items that these heroes can make with this rare plant.


The Sims Medieval Physician Crafting Medicine

This hero can make two items from the plant.

Strong Curative Tonic

  • Requires: 1 Angelweed, 3 Grassweed, 2 Lordleaf, 3 Valoroot, and 2 Wildflowers.
  • This tonic is the strongest tonic that your hero can make. It reduces major illnesses by a large degree.

Strong Health Salve

  • Requires: 1 Angelweed, 4 Blood Moss, 2 Lordleaf, and 3 Valoroot.
  • This tonic is the strongest salve that your hero can make. It reduces major wounds by a large degree.


The Sims Medieval Spy at Crafting Table

This hero can make two items from the plant.

Rejuvenating Reagent

  • Requires: 1 Angelweed, 2 Blood Moss, 1 Nightshade, and 2 Valoroot.
  • This helps your hero to rejuvenate energy.

Reaper’s Scythe

  • Requires: 1 Angelweed, 2 Belladonna, 3 Blood Moss, and 4 Nightshade.
  • This is a poison that can possibly kill other Sims.

The Sims Medieval Wizard

The Sims Medieval Wizard Crafting a Potion

This hero can also make two items from the plant.

Greater Charm Potion

  • Requires: 1 Angelweed, 2 Grassweed, 3 Lordleaf, and 2 Phosphorus minerals.
  • This helps your hero to be more charming.

Greater Luck Potion

  • Requires: 1 Angelweed, 3 Eaglewood, 3 pieces of Electrum, and 3 Seeds.
  • This helps your hero to have a greater chance of luck.

When your heroes craft these items, they will receive experience points and then that item (if crafted successfully) will be found in the hero’s personal inventory.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

Screenshots provided by the writer.