The Sims Medieval Legendary Traits Guide

The Sims Medieval Legendary Traits Guide
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Say Goodbye to that Fatal Flaw

That fatal flaw that has been holding your Sim back is able to be turned into a legendary trait in “The Sims Medieval.” To earn one of The Sims Medieval legendary traits, your hero has to successfully complete one of the following quests and then you can choose the trait they receive.

  • Dragon of (Your Kingdom)
  • Fountain of Legend
  • Invasion!
  • Seven Mechanical Arts
  • The Fisherman’s Challenge
  • The Philosopher’s Stone

You can only do this quest once per hero in the Kingdom, so pick which trait you want wisely.

The Sims Medieval Legendary Traits

Here are the traits that you can pick to replace fatal flaws:

Famous – what Sim wouldn’t love to be famous? In “The Sims Medieval” Sims can’t achieve the popularity of The Sims 3 celebrity status, but they can still receive many fantastic perks! Famous Sims are able to instantly make friends with Sims they first meet and all of their relationships won’t ever suffer from the decline in friendship that other Sims have to deal with. As an added bonus, famous Sims can always drink brew for free!

Guild Connections – these Sims will now be able to buy furniture (from the Buy Mode) at a discounted rate. They will also be able to wear any of the professional outfits for their gender. They like fashion and will also be able to discuss it with other Sims now.


Herculean – these heroes are true heroes with Herculean strength! They won’t gain any weight from eating food too often. They have much higher chances of winning when playing Kingball and also winning swordfights. These heroes can now give a “Heroic Speech” to other Sims and can also brag about their strength.

Industrious – these Sims will now earn more money for their daily revenue. To share the wealth, they are now able to give money to other Sims in the Kingdom for charity. This results in the hero getting a positive buff. Unless you want your Sim to be very charitable, you can always use The Sims Medieval cheats for extra money, making this a not so desirable legendary trait in “The Sims Medieval” to choose.

Natural Leader – these Sims are born leaders and can “Encourage” Sims that they find that are discouraged about life or are just depressed about something. When this hero is on a quest with another hero, the other hero will receive the positive “Loyal” buff.

Patient – these Sims receive extra time to fulfill their daily responsibilities. They can also use the “Patient Words” social interaction with other Sims in the Kingdom.

Satiated – these Sims are hungry much less often than normal Sims. You won’t have to make sure that your hero eats as often, but they also won’t receive the positive buffs from eating good food as often either.

The Sims Medieval kissing in the castle

Seductive – these heroes are much more romantic and seductive than regular Sims. When they want to have romantic relationships, they can do so much sooner than other Sims.

Strong Constitution – these heroes don’t have to worry about illnesses anymore, getting sick from eating spoiled food, or from drinking too much wine or ale. If this Sim can swordfight, they will also lose their stamina at a slower rate than other Sims.

Wise – this is one of The Sims Medieval legendary traits that gains experience points faster than normal Sims. They also have a better chance of winning games at a card table. These wise Sims can now “Impart Wisdom” or “Make a Profound Statement” to other Sims.


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