The Sims Medieval Fishing Guide

The Sims Medieval Fishing Guide
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The Sims Medieval Fishing

All of The Sims Medieval heroes are able to go fishing. They don’t even need any extra equipment or gear in order to fish. If you want to change their outfit into something that looks more like they’d use to go fishing in, go ahead (this isn’t necessary though).

It is also free to go fishing. This really helps because the price of fish can be pretty costly for Sims to purchase at the Village Shoppe or from the local merchant. Your heroes can use the fish to cook with. This is very helpful because who really likes eating gruel for every meal (gruel is the free meal your Sim can always cook). Fish don’t go stale in the inventory unless it is already prepared as a meal.

Are you ready to do some of The Sims Medieval fishing with your heroes? If so, visit the stream that runs through the Kingdom or go visit the Docks. Both of these places is where you will find fish. You can notice the fishing spot because there will be white splashes in the water. When you highlight over it, you will see that you can “Fish” there with your hero. The green bubbling spots in the water is where The Sims Medieval Physician can gather leeches at to use in their clinic.

The Sims Medieval Fishing – Types of Fish

The Sims Medieval fishing along stream

All you need to do is go to the fishing spot and choose to “Fish.” Be patient while your hero is fishing and if they have a good focus level, they will catch something that is pretty good.

As an added bonus, The Sims Medieval fishing also gives your hero experience points. This really adds to the overall benefit of doing it, so be sure to give it a try!

There aren’t that many types of fish that are available from fishing in “The Sims 3 Medieval.” The ones that are available also vary greatly in price. They range from being worth only 9 Simoles to 64 Simoles at the base value. Once you find a good fishing hole, it is often worth it to check on it each day to fish from it.

Types of Fish in The Sims Medieval:

  • Herring – worth at least 9 Simoles

    The Sims Medieval catching a fish

  • Trout – worth at least 10 Simoles

  • Tench – worth at least 10 Simoles

  • Eel – worth at least 26 Simoles

  • Turbot – worth at least 32 Simoles

  • Salmon – worth at least 50 Simoles

  • Swordfish – worth at least 64 Simoles

Unlike in “The Sims 3” you do not need to choose any type of bait to fish with and there are no cool types of fish such as The Sims 3 vampire fish, at least not yet. Use these fish that you catch to cook for some good meals or you could sell them to earn a secondary income for your heroes. It isn’t easy making money in the game, so this is a really good way to save money on food or to earn an extra income.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

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