Where is The Sims 3 Vampire Fish?

Where is The Sims 3 Vampire Fish?
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Fishing is a popular hobby in “The Sims 3” that can also be turned into a Sims 3 career or profession. It is also really valued with those high in the cooking skill, so they can catch fish to cook for their meals. Some fish, such as The Sims 3 vampire fish is only available to Sims that catch it. Find out more about this rare fish with this guide.

Vampire fish in “The Sims 3” actually have no relation to The Sims 3 vampires that can be found in “The Sims 3: Late Night.” They don’t bite your Sim and turn them into a vampire. They aren’t eaten by vampires in The Sims 3 either, but they could be kept by vampires as pets.

Where to Find The Sims 3 Vampire Fish and How to Catch It

Vampire fish in “The Sims 3” are able to be caught in fresh water, and are most often easily found at The Sims 3 graveyard.

The Sims 3 Vampire Fish being Caught

To catch The Sims 3 vampire fish, you will need to have plenty of garlic in your inventory to use as bait. Usually vampires don’t like garlic, but ironically, vampire fish seem to like it.

Aside from having plenty of garlic to use, your Sim will also need to be level 8 in the fishing skill and have read the book “Fishing for the Dead: Death fish and Vampire fish on the Line.” This is a rather expensive book, costing $12,000 Simoleons. However, if your Sim is a Sims 3 celebrity, and also purchases the book when it is on sale, you can get a really good deal on it!

What to do with The Sims 3 Vampire Fish

After you’ve caught your vampire fish, what can you do with it?

The Sims 3 Vampire Fish in Bowl

Put the Fish in a Fish Bowl or Aquarium – buy a fish bowl or an aquarium and place your fish inside it to show off as a Sims 3 pet. You can even name your fish. Just make sure to feed it and clean the tank to keep it alive.

Sell the Fish – you could sell The Sims 3 vampire fish for $55 – 250 Simoleons each.

Mount the Fish – for a small fee, you are able to send your fish to be mounted. Doing this allows you to then display the fish on a wall.

Use the Fish as a Fertilizer – if your Sim also likes to garden, they could use the vampire fish in The Sims 3 as a fertilizer. It has a fertilizer grade of 25 and potency of 75.

Stock a Pond – you can also stock a pond with the fish if you want. To do this you need to have 10 vampire fish and then take the fish to the pond to stock it. After you do this, you can fish for it at that pond whenever you want to catch the fish.


All screenshots and references from The Sims 3.

Screenshots provided by Sheri Newton.