The Sims Medieval Focus Guide

The Sims Medieval Focus Guide
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Focus Levels in The Sims Medieval

The focus levels in “The Sims Medieval” is similar to the overall “mood” of a Sim as used in other titles in the series such as “The Sims 3.” Many things that your Sim does in the game and things that they are around affect the focus level of your heroes.

The scrollable panel to the right of the focus meter bar displays why the meter is filled where it is. More of the positive factors such as having a good meal, having a full night’s rest, being in a beautifully decorated space, getting married, and many more will usually overcome the negative factors your Sim could be experiencing from injury, sickness, or the other negative influences. Each of the positive and negative factors lasts for a specific amount of time. You can view how long it will affect your Sim for by scrolling over it.

The goal is to have your hero have a full The Sims Medieval focus bar. This will show as being green and completely full. You do not want to have the focus drop down into the red part of the meter (unless working on a specific quest where it needs to be for a portion of the quest, such as with “The Fisherman’s Challenge”). Having the meter drop into the red level for too long will cause your hero’s quest performance rating drop down. If it drops too low, your hero will fail the quest!

The higher your hero’s focus is, the better they will be at successfully completing tasks in their daily life too. This can affect how they hunt, gather herbs and minerals, craft items, and many more interactions in the Kingdom. You can judge how well your hero will do at these actions by seeing if the background color when you go to do the interactions is green, yellow, or red. If it is green, your hero will have a high level of success rate, yellow is medium rate of success, and if it is in red, don’t even bother because you will more than likely fail.

Tips to Keep Your Hero’s Focus Level High

So, how do you keep your hero’s focus level high? It isn’t really very hard to do. Here are some fail-proof tips to help you keep the focus meter in the green and ultimately help you to receive platinum level quest rewards.

The Sims Medieval sleeping

Sleep Until Fully Rested on an Expensive Bed

Always get a good night of sleep. When your Sim sleeps until they are fully rested on as nice of a bed as they can afford, they will wake up with full energy and the “Well Rested” positive buff that lasts for 10 hours. If you can’t afford a good bed, use The Sims Medieval cheats for quick Simoles and purchase one.

Eat Quality Meals

Your heroes shouldn’t have to eat gruel or field rations for their meals. If they do, they receive a negative buff and are not really satisfied with their food choices. If you go to the Village Shoppe and purchase some ingredients for meals and then cook those yummy meals, your hero will be full and receive positive buffs for eating yummy meals.

Drink Some Wine or Beer

Brew some ale or wine and if your Sim can restrain and only drink 2 drinks, they won’t get drunk. They will however, receive positive buffs from the drinks they drank. To keep The Sims Medieval focus level positive, don’t get too drunk or they could become a sad drunk with a hangover.

Decorate their Building

One of the best things you can do for your hero is to fully upgrade and decorate the rooms in their hero building. They spend a large majority of time in this space and they can have the “Beautifully Decorated” buff that gives plus 40 focus just for being in their building. Again, if you don’t have the Simoles, just use the money cheat and help out your hero.

Complete Daily Responsibilities

Part of being in the Kingdom means completing daily tasks. Do these tasks as soon as you can before the time expires so you aren’t hit with the negative buff for failing to do your tasks.

The Sims Medieval wedding at watchers bluff

Love and Relationships

Make friends and have a love for your hero. When you make friends, your hero receives a positive buff for doing so. There are more positive buffs from having a lover or a spouse though, so go ahead and take the leap of faith and have The Sims Medieval wedding of your hero’s dreams!

Play Games and Have Fun

Buy a card table, play a fiddle, or go to the Kingball Court and play some games. Having fun in your hero’s spare time lets them have some downtime doing what they want to. After your hero has played for around 4 hours, they will receive the “Life is So Fun” buff that gives positive 40 towards The Sims Medieval focus levels.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

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