The Sims Medieval Sword Fighting Guide

The Sims Medieval Sword Fighting Guide
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The Sims Medieval Sword Fighting

Some of The Sims Medieval heroes really like to let steam off by challenging other Sims to spar against them. Only three types of heroes in this game are able to take part in The Sims medieval sword fighting though. This includes the monarch, knight and the spy. All of the other Sims can get into fights with other Sims, but this is not the same as actually fighting with swords.

How to Swordfight in The Sims Medieval

The Sims Medieval Monarch swordfighting

The Sims Medieval Monarch, knight and spy all start out with a basic sword. The Monarch and knight also start out with some basic armor. The spy doesn’t actually need any added armor to take part in The Sims Medieval sword fighting because they have a naturally high level of defense.

If your Kingdom has a blacksmith hero, they can craft new armors and weapons for your heroes to purchase and use in combat. If you don’t have this type of hero in your Kingdom, you can purchase some upgrades at the Village Shoppe. If you don’t have the extra Simoles to do this, use The Sims Medieval cheats to get some quick access to Simoles so you can purchase these much needed upgrades.

Once your Sim picks a target to attack, they can Spar with them, challenge them to a duel or duel to the death.

Sparring – when sparring with another Sim, you do not lose your relationship status with that Sim. It actually gains relationship points. This also earns your Sim experience points. No wounds are given from taking part in this type of The Sims Medieval sword fighting.

The Sims Medieval Sword fighting

Challenge to a Duel – this type of duel won’t kill the other Sim. Your Sim will earn experience points and can also suffer minor or serious wounds from the fight. This lowers your Sim’s relationship level with the other Sim. The losing Sim will be knocked out for a short period of time.

Duel to the Death – this is a very serious type of duel because the loser will die. Be very careful when selecting this type of duel because if your hero dies, you will have to start over and make a new hero of that profession for your Kingdom.

The Sims Medieval Sword Fighting – Special Moves

When swordfighting in “The Sims Medieval” you can change which move or stance you want your hero to perform. Adjust this according to how the fight is going. Each of the heroes that can swordfight can do the following moves. As they gain levels more of the skills are made available for them to use in fights.

Special Moves

  • Hilt Smash – doesn’t consume much Stamina and does some minor damage.
  • Mortal Blow – does a smaller amount of damage but it could be just enough to give the final amount of damage needed to win.
  • Whirling Takedown – consumes a large amount of Stamina and deals a large amount of damage to your opponent.

The Sims Medieval Swordfighting


  • Balanced Stance – gives a balanced amount of strikes and parrying moves.
  • True Striking – less damage per strike but more amount of striking.
  • Furious Onslaught – deals a large amount of damage but also leaves your hero open for counterattacks that could give large amounts of damage back to your hero.
  • Restful Dance – decreases the Stamina your hero is using and blocks attacks.
  • Steeled Defense – this uses defensive moves and also reduces damage.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

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