How to Take The Sims Medieval Screenshots

How to Take The Sims Medieval Screenshots
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The Sims Medieval Screenshots

Taking pictures while playing a video game is a fun way to make sure you don’t lose the memories your Sims have. Would you want to miss out on the memories when your Sim has their first kiss? Gets married at the local church? Had a baby? Cast their first spell? Miss the moment they caught their first fish? Well, if you are playing the game and try to figure out how to capture the moment, you may be out of luck. In “The Sims Medieval Limited Edition” it isn’t such an easy thing to figure out how to take The Sims Medieval screenshots. This guide will explain how to do it so you don’t miss those special moments. Don’t worry, it isn’t hard.

How to Take The Sims Medieval Screenshots

While playing video games many enjoy taking screenshots or video captures of some of their favorite moments while playing the game. In “The Sims 3” it is quite easy to take a screenshot or video to capture those moments that you don’t want to forget in your game.

It isn’t so easy to figure out how to do this in “The Sims Medieval.” Even after you look through the instruction manual and look through their official website, it is still quite elusive to actually figure out how to take The Sims Medieval screenshots.

To capture and locate a screenshot this is what you will need to do:

The Sims Medieval Screenshots of Wedding

  1. Push pause on your game so you will get the exact picture that you want to take from your game. Adjust the screen so it is close-up, has the angle that you want viewed, etc.
  2. Push “C” on the keyboard. This will take the screenshot. You don’t even need to use The Sims Medieval cheats to take the picture.
  3. To locate the picture you just took, save your game (if you want).
  4. Locate the /My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval/Screenshots file folder. All of the screenshots that you take in the game will show up in this folder. If you have not yet taken any screenshots, this folder does not show up.

The Sims Medieval Wizard Crafting a Potion

If you didn’t get a good picture quality that is most likely due to your settings or possibly it is just your computer. To fix this, go back into the game and fix your settings to adjust to have a higher quality, if your computer can handle this. To find out, check out The Sims Medieval system requirements and see if your computer will handle it. You could also load The Sims Medieval screenshots into a photo imaging software that can fix the pictures.


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Screenshots provided by the writer.