The Sims Medieval Aging Guide

The Sims Medieval Aging Guide
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Making Your Hero Sim: Adults Only!

In “The Sims Medieval” the only Sims that you are in control of are the heroes. This means that you can only create adult aged Sims. There are no different age groups of adults such as a young adult, adult, and elderly aged Sims as used in “The Sims 3.”

When you are in the “Create-a-Sim” section in “The Sims Medieval,” you can give the Sim you are creating more detail to show their age. This will give the hero that you are making wrinkles, freckles, and an overall appearance that looks older. This is however, not really The Sims Medieval aging your hero Sim at all and doesn’t factor in to matter as anything when questing with your hero in the game.

Aging in The Sims Medieval

There are no birthday cakes or fun parties in this game to celebrate a Sim aging up to their next stage of life. The heroes and Sims in your Kingdoms will stay the same age throughout the entire time you play with them. The only exception to this rule is babies who will age up after a few days and become a child.

Having your heroes stay the same age is not such a bad thing in this game though. When playing through the Ambitions, it would be extremely annoying to play as one hero often only to find that they age up and die of old age before you can finish the Ambition that you are working on. Think of it as an in-game cheat that you don’t even have to use to keep your Sims living forever (unless they meet their untimely The Sims Medieval death by starving, losing to a duel to the death, or being fed to the Pit Beast).

Babies and Children: Eternal Youth!

When Sims have WooHoo in “The Sims Medieval” they will often become pregnant. There is no distinction between regular WooHoo and “Try for a Baby” as in “The Sims 3.” In this game, you have a very large chance of having babies from this romantic interaction.

The Sims Medieval baby

When a female becomes pregnant in this game, they are with child for two days. In that time they are limited to what they can do to some degree. They will also become nauseous and have an aching back. When the pregnant Sim gets sick, they just vomit where they are because there are no toilets for them to use. It goes away quickly though, so there isn’t anything for your hero (or others) to have to cleanup.

When it is time for the mother to have The Sims Medieval baby, she goes home (if not there already) and has the baby after a few hours of labor. The crib appears with the baby and the mother can now feed it and cuddle with it.

After only three in-game days, the baby ages up and becomes a child aged Sim. This is the only time you will see a Sim in The Sims Medieval aging up, so be there for the special moment when you see the baby in the cradle become a child!

Children Sims are assigned their clothing at random. Their hairstyles are assigned based on the color of their parent’s hair color. For instance, if two blonde Sims have a baby, their kid would also have blonde hair.

The Sims Medieval children swordfighting

Even after your hero’s child ages up to this life stage, you still cannot control them (or your hero’s spouse). They are highly independent and move around the Kingdom as they want. They are often seen playing with other kids around the Kingdom and even get into fun swordfights with them with wooden swords.

Children Sims can be sent to the Village Shoppe to go shopping for your hero. When they come back, you can view their inventory and move what they purchased into your hero’s personal inventory. This saves time. They can also go into the forest to explore. This is however, a very dangerous thing for kids to do and they can very easily die. When a Sim at this age is attacked, they will not live from the injury.

The Sims that have the “Loves Family” trait especially enjoy having The Sims Medieval children and receive special positive moodlets for being around them and socializing with them. These Sims can also talk to other Sims about their family and even “Share the Love” which also results in positive moodlets.


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