The Sims Medieval Fatal Flaws Guide

The Sims Medieval Fatal Flaws Guide
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No Hero is Perfect, Pick a Fatal Flaw

When you create a hero in “The Sims Medieval” you have to pick out traits for them to have. One of these traits has to be a fatal flaw. No hero is perfect, and if you work on certain quests you can turn that flaw into a legendary trait. Until then though, these flaws will give some negative aspects for your character that you will just have to work with.

The Sims Medieval Fatal Flaws to Choose From

Each hero must start out with one of these flaws. Pick wisely as you can’t change these unless you do the quest to turn it into a legendary trait.

Bloodthirsty – these Sims love getting into arguments and fights with other Sims. If they haven’t been in a fight for a while, they will receive the “Looking for a Fight” negative buff.

Compulsive Gambler – the card table is perhaps the favorite object you can purchase for Sims with this trait. They love playing and placing bets. If they win a bet, they win twice as much! However, if they lose, they lose twice as much.

Cowardly – these Sims fear everything. They aren’t as good at hunting or swordfighting as other Sims. They are also afraid of the dark, so they receive a negative buff for being “Afraid” when in the dark, outside in the nighttime and sometimes when they are alone in a building.

Cruel – these Sims have pent-up anger that they like to unleash on other Sims. They are usually extra mean towards other Sims and enjoy being mean to them.


Cursed – this trait often makes Sims lose at card games, fail at sparring with other Sims, and even fail at tasks they have to do. Sometimes they wake up feeling “Cursed” which is a negative buff they won’t get rid of until the next day, maybe. Don’t confuse this fatal flaw with The Sims Medieval spells that a Wizard hero can cast on other Sims.

Drunkard – ah the drunkard is a flaw that many Sims see as being a positive thing. These Sims have to drink every so often and “Need a Drink” negative buff hits them if they wait too long. They often drink too much though and end up with a hangover.

Fool – these Sims get lost and forget where they are going often. They also aren’t quite as smart as other Sims and don’t earn experience points very fast. They also don’t learn any of the hidden skills such as whittling or playing Kingball.

The Sims Medieval glutton

Glutton – these Sims have a hunger for life and food. They have to eat more often than other Sims, but this isn’t such a hard thing to have to deal with either.

Hubris – this is one of The Sims Medieval fatal flaws that the hero probably wouldn’t see as a flaw. They think that they are the best at everything and are very full of themselves. Sometimes they will have the negative “Blinded by Hubris” buff.

Insecure – these Sims lack confidence and often have a harder time making friends with other Sims. They can share their worries with other Sims.

Insomniac – these Sims have a really hard time falling asleep when they are tired. Often they will fall asleep when they least expect it. This is funny to watch but can be quite annoying when doing quests.

The Sims Medieval cuddling on bed

Licentious – these Sims love to have romantic interactions such as kissing and The Sims Medieval WooHoo with other Sims. If they aren’t getting much action, they receive the “Dry Spell” negative buff.

Misanthrope – these Sims do not play well with others and make friends much slower than other Sims do. They really don’t like other Sims very much and it shows.

Morose – these Sims are quite often in a bad mood and it is hard to make them happy. They wake up in a bad mood and don’t get as many positive buffs as other Sims do.

Puny – these Sims are terrible at fights, hunting and other things that you’d need physical strength for. As a side effect on this flaw, they get drunk faster than normal Sims.

Uncouth – Sims with this trait struggle with normal social interactions, playing games of Kingball, and other daily interactions.

Weak Constitution – this is one of The Sims Medieval fatal flaws that is really easy to work with for your heroes. They will throw up after most meals (and if they drink too much), but that doesn’t really affect them too much in their life. They do take a little longer to recover from a sickness though. They also loose stamina faster than regular Sims in swordfights.

How to Turn a Fatal Flaw into a Legendary Trait

There are a few quests that show up for you to pick from that can actually turn your hero’s fatal flaw into a legendary trait. These quests include:

  • Dragon of (Your Kingdom)
  • Fountain of Legend
  • Invasion!
  • Seven Mechanical Arts
  • The Fisherman’s Challenge
  • The Philosopher’s Stone

After your hero finishes the quest, you can pick out one of the legendary traits to replace their fatal flaw.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

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