The Sims Medieval Family Guide

The Sims Medieval Family Guide
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The Sims Medieval – Love and Marriage

Sims love to be in love and in “The Sims Medieval Limited Edition” love can be something that happens very quickly - if you know how to use the right interactions. Once your hero finds the Sim that they want to start their The Sims Medieval family with, they need to go and strike up a conversation with them. Keep it on a positive note and get to know them. Go ahead and try a few jokes even, just don’t be boring and repetitive.

Once you have built up some form of relationship with them (friend is preferred) you can jump into the romantic interactions such as “Woo” “Praise Good Looks” “Bestow Favor” or any of the other options available. If the Sim is receptive (which they probably will be), you can continue selecting these romantic interactions until you can ask to court them and even ask for their hand in marriage. This can all be accomplished in the first meeting - if you are smooth enough to handle it.

Once you have asked the Sim for their hand in marriage and they said yes, you can arrange to get married in a church (if you have one in the Kingdom) or you can get married wherever you want to in the Kingdom. If getting married at a specific location, just invite your fiancé to the location and then use the romantic interaction to get married there.

The Sims Medieval Family

The Sims Medieval Wedding

You don’t have to be married to have kids in “The Sims 3 Medieval.” It does help tremendously though, and for the purpose of having a family, it is in the hero’s best interest to get married first. Raising a baby can be very demanding, and if the hero is a single parent they would have too much to handle with it while also trying to do what is needed for the quest they are working on too.

Even though you don’t have the option to physically control the Sim that you marry (unless it is another hero), they do help raise your children and do other household duties. To start your family in “The Sims Medieval” you need to have your couple “WooHoo.” This is the equivalent of having sex and the female Sim has a very large chance of getting pregnant. The Sims 3 WooHoo is fun but can lead to having many children in a small building.

The Sims Medieval baby

Once you have a baby in “The Sims Medieval” they need to be fed by the mother and cuddled often. They are very demanding and require attention as often as possible. This is annoying, but it does raise the relationship between the baby and the parents of the child rather quickly.

After three days, the baby becomes a child. This Sim stays at this age forever, so don’t expect for them to grow past this age. They become more independent at this stage though and you can even use them to go to the Village Shoppe for you.

The Sims Medieval family includes their significant other and the children that they have. Not all heroes have to have a family, but they are generally much happier if they do have one and they receive positive buffs throughout the cycle of the family life. Use this to your advantage and it will help keep your hero’s focus level high.


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