The Sims Medieval Brewing Guide for Drunkards

The Sims Medieval Brewing Guide for Drunkards
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The Sims Medieval

Heroes and local Sims in the Kingdom love to have a good time. Drinking beer and wine is one of the favorite things for heroes to do when celebrating at a feast or just having some fun in the local tavern. Some buildings come with the casks used for The Sims Medieval brewing. Other buildings you will have to buy one for, if you want your hero to drink at their home building too.

The Sims Medieval Brewing for Drunkards

When creating your hero Sim, you have to pick out one fatal flaw for them to have. The Drunkard is one such flaw that Sims can have. Sims with this trait love to drink and drink often. If you have the setting for them to have a high free-will, you can even catch them drinking without you opting for them to do so.

If your Sim is a Drunkard, it is best to have their own cask at their building so they always have a supply close at hand. Drunkards need to drink and will let you know when they need one by having the negative “Need a Drink” buff. When this pops up, just have them drink two to three drinks and they will receive a nice positive buff from drinking. Anymore and they are likely to have a hangover in the morning.

The only time a hero can’t drink is when they are pregnant. They can brew the alcohol for after they give birth, but while a Sim is pregnant, they cannot drink.

Beer and Wine Recipes

Brewing costs $50 to $60 Simoles and also the cost of the ingredients. The ingredients can be found at The Sims Medieval Village Shoppe, the Market (if placed in your Kingdom and the Merchant has it stocked), and also while harvesting plants. Stock up on these ingredients from the Village Shoppe each day so you have a good supply of them for when you want your hero to drink some beer or wine.

Random heroes will also come over to your hero’s building and drink your brew. You really can’t do anything about that, except brew some more when it is gone.

Here are the beer and wine recipes for The Sims Medieval Brewing in your own cask or in another hero’s cask.

  • Ale – no ingredients required

  • Banker’s Ale – 2 Barley, Gem Bag

    The Sims Medieval drinking wine

  • Barley Ale – 3 Barley (gives +20 buff for 2 hours)

  • Bloody Moss Mary – 4 Bloodmoss (gives +20 buff for 2 hours)

  • Cider – 3 Apples (gives +10 buff for 2 hours)

  • Feast Ale – Barley, Honey, Wheat (gives +10 buff for 2 hours)

  • Honey Mead – 3 Honey (gives +40 buff for 2 hours)

  • Hypocras – 3 Grapes, 2 Spices (gives +20 buff for 4 hours)

  • Luffenting Wine – Barley, Egg, 2 Grapes (part of the “Royal Holiday Quest”)

  • Mulled Wine – 5 Grapes (gives +10 buff for 4 hours)

  • Sparkling Wine – 2 Grapes, Apple (gives +5 buff for 4 hours)

  • Sweet Wine – 2 Grapes, Honey (gives +10 buff for 4 hours)

  • Wheat Beer – 3 Wheat (gives +10 buff for 2 hours)

  • Wine – no ingredients required

Tip: If you don’t have enough Simoles to buy a cask for your hero, the ingredients to brew, or even the $50 Simoles to brew, use The Sims Medieval cheats for money. It is really easy and will allow your hero to buy everything you want for them.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

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