The Sims Medieval Judgment Zone Guide

The Sims Medieval Judgment Zone Guide
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The Sims Medieval

The Sims Medieval Monarch hero is the only Sim in the Kingdom that is able to send other Sims to the Stocks or to the Pit Beast for their crimes (or send them off to be punished if they just happen to dislike the other Sim). Not all royals are noble and just in their sentencing, so use this to your advantage to create fun storylines in your game.

The Sims Medieval Judgment Zone

The Stocks and the Pit Beast are in the area known as the Judgment Zone. This area is located towards the center of the town and is easily noticeable by the bit pit that contains the Pit Beast in it. It is also a location that you can view easily by selecting it on the locations tab.

The executioners like to hang out in this area when they aren’t capturing Sims to sentence for their crimes. Don’t worry about being too friendly with these regular Sims because even if you befriend one, if the Monarch sentences your Sim to a crime, they will still come for you to punish you at The Sims Medieval Judgment Zone.

The Stocks and the Pit Beast

The Sims Medieval stocks

The Sims Medieval Stocks are used as the minor punishment. This won’t really hurt the Sim being sent there. Sure, the Sim will suffer from some negative moodlets and be humiliated by other Sims that throw tomatoes and eggs at them, but they will live through it. The Sims Medieval Spy hero is able to release prisoners by picking the lock, but this is a task that only high level spies should try when they aren’t being watched. If caught or they fail, they could end up being a prisoner too!

The Sims Medieval Pit Beast is the largest punishment that the Monarch can sentence a Sim to. Essentially, this is sentencing a Sim to death. The Pit Beast is hungry and misbehaving Sims is their favorite meal, so if a Sim is sentenced to be sent to the pit, they will most likely die. Some Sims (usually high level heroes) are able to escape the beast with severe injuries, but it is unlikely that a regular Sim would be able to live through this punishment.

The Sims Medieval pit beast

The Sims Medieval Knight and Spy heroes often have feeding the Pit Beast as part of their daily responsibilities. This is easy to do. Just be sure to have some meat in their personal inventory and then go to The Sims Medieval Judgment Zone and feed the Pit Beast. Just be careful not to select the wrong option and have them jump into the pit! Doing this on accident could cause your hero to suffer the same consequences and die from the beast too!

Achievement Points from the Judgment Zone

You can gain some The Sims Medieval achievement points for your Watcher title at this area by performing certain tasks. Here are the ways to earn them:

  • Feast for the Beast – (5 points) – send 100 Sims to the Pit.
  • Inedible – (10 points) – survive the Pit of Judgment 5 times in one Kingdom.
  • Leap of Faith – (5 points) – take a trip down Judgment Pit Lane.
  • Eggcellent! – (10 points) – throw 150 eggs at Sims stuck in the stocks.
  • Tomato Tosser – (10 points) – throw 150 tomatoes at Sims stuck in the stocks.

Completing tasks such as these earns you points to unlock new outfits and objects for your game. So, while playing be sure to check your “Achievement Book” in the “Kingdom Mode” to see what you still need to complete.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

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