The Sims Medieval Mining Guide

The Sims Medieval Mining Guide
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The Sims Medieval Mining – Which Heroes Can Mine?

Only The Sims Medieval wizard and blacksmith are able to mine for gemstones and minerals. This is a rather easy hobby that your Sims can do while walking around the Kingdom. It gives them extra experience points and also gives these heroes the ingredients that they will use when crafting.

No extra equipment is needed for these heroes to mine, they just need to locate a rock on the ground “Discover” what it is and then “Collect” from it. The higher the level the focus is that the hero has, the greater chance of discovering what the rock actually is and the more that they can potentially mine from the rock when they go to collect from it.

The wizard hero is able to craft magical potions with the minerals and gemstones. They are also able to forge staves with the use of the needed objects to do so that The Sims Medieval blacksmith has at their building.

Types of Minerals and Gemstones in The Sims Medieval

The rocks that can be mined in the Kingdom are found all over the land. Once your blacksmith or wizard has discovered it, it will be discovered for the other hero too. This means that you don’t have to “discover” the rock twice, and this saves on time.

Collect these minerals and gemstones as often as you can so you will always have a good stockpile of the rocks on hand for crafting with. If you have time, always mine from a rock that you pass by when on the way to another location. This way you won’t have to walk out of the way to get the mineral or gemstone and you will start to have a good amount on hand.

The types of minerals and gemstones that are able to be collected from The Sims Medieval mining can be viewed below.

The Sims Medieval Wizard Mining


  • Base Sale Value: 1

Shiny Stones

  • Base Sale Value: 3


  • Base Sale Value: 5


  • Base Sale Value: 7

The Sims Medieval Wizard Mining 2


  • Base Sale Value: 10


  • Base Sale Value: 20


  • Base Sale Value: 24


  • Base Sale Value: 35


  • Base Sale Value: 70

Mana Stones

  • Base Sale Value: 130

The Sims Medieval Wizard Crafting a Potion

These prices may not seem like it would generate a good secondary income, but it really can. If your hero’s focus level is high, they are likely to collect more of the specific type of mineral or gemstone they are mining as well as other minerals or gemstones to go with it. Combine this with your hero’s crafting skills and they can make a very large amount of money with each The Sims Medieval mining trip they go on around the Kingdom.


All screenshots and references from The Sims Medieval.

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