The Sims Medieval Pickpocketing Guide for the Spy

The Sims Medieval Pickpocketing Guide for the Spy
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The Sims Medieval Pickpocketing Spy

The Sims Medieval Spy hero resides in the “Spy Quarters” building that is a part of the castle. They are the sneakier version of the Knight and are also much more deadly. They are able to find out the truth to bring it to light, or hide it. They operate by whatever suits them best at the time and are also highly involved in the politics in the Kingdoms.

The Spy trains in combat and can swordfight with the best of them. They also have something else up their sleeves that other Sims do not: The Sims Medieval poisons. The Spy crafts these from herbs that they collect or purchase and can be used for good or evil.

One of the exclusive actions that the Spy can perform is The Sims Medieval pickpocketing. This is something that can be done to have the hero steal Simoles from other Sims. It is however, quite dangerous and as such can make this type of hero quite unpopular with other Sims.

The Sims Medieval Pickpocketing

The Spy is able to threaten other Sims for money, just like The Sims Medieval Monarch and the Knight. This is not a very popular interaction for any Sim to do though. It will seriously lower your relationship with that Sim and the other Sim can challenge your hero so they won’t have to give up any money at all. This isn’t a very good option for heroes to do.

The Sims Medieval pickpocketing is much sneakier for the Spy to do, and if pulled off correctly, can lead to some large Simole gains without the other Sim even knowing what happened to their money. To have better chances pulling this off, make sure that your Focus meter is as full in the green as possible. The higher the Spy’s level, the better your chances of pickpocketing too. If your hero is below level five, has a yellow or red Focus level when selecting the “Pickpocket” interaction, don’t even bother because you will end up with some negative repercussions from attempting this stealthy interaction if you don’t succeed.

Dangers of Pickpocketing

The Sims Medieval Spy Sent to Stocks

If your Spy is caught in The Sims Medieval pickpocketing, it is very likely that your hero will be caught and sent to the Stocks at the Judgment Zone. If the other Sim thinks they can take the Spy on, they can challenge them to a fight which can lead to some serious injuries and sometimes even death. If your hero wins the duel, they can keep the Simoles. If attempting these interactions, it is a good idea to have the strongest curative salves on hand to help with the injuries.


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