The Sims Medieval Poisons Guide

The Sims Medieval Poisons Guide
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The Sims Medieval Poisons for the Spy Hero

The Sims Medieval Spy is the only hero in the Kingdom that is able to craft The Sims Medieval poisons. Crafting these is the best way for this type of hero to earn a secondary income. All they need to do is collect the herbs to craft the items and then use their crafting table and select which recipe they want to make to ensure suffering of their future victim.

The crafting table can be found on the second floor of the Spy Quarters building that this hero uses. If you sell it, you must repurchase one to use for your hero to be able to craft any of these poisons.

The Sims Medieval Poisons - Recipes

The Spy hero is one of the few types of heroes that is able to collect all types of herbs and flowers. The hero will have to actually “Collect” all of the ingredients for the type of poison they want to craft before they are able to craft it. Once you have all of the ingredients in your inventory, your hero is able to start crafting The Sims Medieval poisons of their choice. Simply use the crafting table and select which recipe you want to make.

Aside from using The Sims Medieval cheats for quick cash, this is the best way to earn Simoles for your Spy. Crafting these poisons also generates quick experience points for your hero. If the spy also collects all of the herbs and doesn’t buy them, that is even more experience points they can earn. This makes for some quick leveling up. Use this to your advantage and you could have a level 10 spy in just a few quest lines.

Coagulating Compound

  • Ingredients: Bloodmoss x3, Nightshade, Sagewort x2
  • Base Value: 90

Combustion Cordial

  • Ingredients: Eaglewood x2, Grassweed x2, Seeds x2
  • Base Value: 75

Mystic Grog

  • Ingredients: Belladonna x2, Grassweed x3, Lordleaf, Well Water
  • Base Value: 75

Pestilence Poison

  • Ingredients: Belladonna x3, Bloodmoss x4, Nightshade x2, Sagewort
  • Base Value: 200

Preparation Poison

Ingredients: Belladonna, Eaglewood x2, Wildflowers x2

Base Value: 90

The Sims Medieval Poisons

Reapers Scythe

  • Ingredients: Angelwood, Belladonna x2, Bloodmoss x3, Nightshade x4
  • Base Value: 400

Rejuvenating Reagent

  • Ingredients: Angelweed, Bloodmoss x2, Nightshade, Valoroot x2
  • Base Value: 200

Truth Tonic

  • Ingredients: Belladonna x2, Grassweed x4, Sagewort x3
  • Base Value: 120

Vomicious Venom

  • Ingredients: Belladonna x3, Lordleaf, Seeds x2
  • Base Value: 75

Tip: Whenever walking by an herb or flower, be sure to have your Spy stop and “Collect” the ingredients for The Sims Medieval poisons. If you keep a large stock of inventory of The Sims Medieval herbs, you won’t be short on ingredients when needed.


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